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The best kept secret in music


"Evolution Bound CD Review"

Ancient Creation
01. The Brotherhood
02. Taste Of Mortality
03. Carrion – The Horde
04. Bringer Of Evil
05. Spirit Of Darkness
06. Heritage
07. Lost Angels
08. Sphere
09. Evolution Bound

Double review by Carnut and Hans.

When listening to the new Ancient Creation album a little chill of joy ran over my back. I love it when suddenly a fresh dose of healthy US Metal hits my speakers. Most people will agree US based Heavy Metal bands often have that little extra power European bands often lack. Ancient Creation's sound is a good example of modern US Powermetal with a little progressive influence. Think of oldschool bands like Exxplorer, Damien Thorne, Hexx, Liege Lord, etc…Timeless Metal mixed with some modern influences like Nevermore and Arch Enemy. Great vocals often remind me of old Lizzy Borden, the occasional growlings do not bother and guitar work is more than excellent! Top songs are the 7 minutes long Carrion - the Horde and the more up-tempo Lost Angels , but you might as well pick out another track to your own taste as the overall song quality is "high"! US Metal specialists Melissa Records added a great band to their stables, Evolution Bound is an album that will be enjoyed by a wide range of Metal fans.


Welcome to the musical vision of Ancient Creation - heavy metal in its purest form, with no concern for being modern or trendy. The only goals for this five-piece act from the heart of Missouri are to push the limits of their ability and create great old school power metal with a progressive slant.

And I will call it technical power metal on a high level. Combine Iron Maiden with Zero Hour and (the early) Fates Warning on XTC and there you have Ancient Creation. Other influences are Nevermore, Arch Enemy, Metal Church and a lots of other great bands.
So when I put the disc for the first time in my cd-player, I was expecting a lot of this new American band. But when the record was finished I was disappointed, not of the music 'cause that is great, but the production is softly said "not of this time".

The opening song The Brotherhood - is the right statement for the rest of the album. Powerful drums, great guitar riffs and solo's and a great voice by Steve Bentley. American power metal at its best. Knowing that American power metal is more agressive than the European style, I think you can guess what you'll get from Ancient Creation. The second song Taste of Mortality is full of great guitarwork, excellent solo's and this song is also introducing 'the sporadically grunts' which fits wonder well good when they are used on this album. The next song Carrion – The Horde is the longest track on the album and I would suggest that you'll listen to these three songs so you will know what you will get on the other six tracks. I can talk about the other tracks, but you will have to read the same as above: great vocals, overwhelming guitars and powerful bass and drums. So I'm very happy with the 'birth' of again another power metal band from the USA. Either I will have to give minus 10 points for the production and plus 5 points for the art work.


Rating: 86 /100
Review was written by: carnut

The link if you want to check it out yourself


"Evolution Bound CD Review 2"


Kansas, Missouri based Ancient Creation's second full length album "Evolution Bound" is brought out by Butch record label Melissa Records and i'm completely knocked out, overwhelmed...totally satisfied over the entire line. At this own moment, i will exclaim "Evolution Bound" as my absolute favourite US Metal abum of the year 2007!! The Ancient Creation line-up exists of ex-Darkside / The Days Of Sativa and Parallels members...i'm not familiar with these bands but all the magnificent duties offered on "Evolution Bound" to bring me in a very pleasant and joyful environment. Once again, my decision is certain...BEST US METAL ALBUM OF 2007!

To define this awesome release, we have to go mainly back in time to the almighty 80s Metal scene. When i hear a band like Ancient Creation, I must think immediately of greats like Helstar (albums: "Distant Thunder", "Remnants Of War", "Nosferatu"), Metal Church ("Metal Church"), Oliver Magnum, Attacker (album: "Second Coming"),... Also brilliant US Metal outfits such as Onward, Cypher Seer, New Eden ("Through The Make Believe"), Destiny's End ("Transition"), do my memory freshen up! Singer Steve Bentley has the perfect voice for this type of music. Not high-pitched and original as he is...Steve's the right person on the right place! Both axemen Peter Nisenkier and Jason Johnson delivering the best of the best...oh my goodness, is this for real or am i dreaming?! A Lot of power, neckbreaking rhythms, excellent tempo changes and when they start dueling each other...all hell breaks one word AMAZING! Fans of guitar gods like Joe Stump, Marty Friedman, Rusty Cooley (Outworld),...this is your alley too! Andy Critz' bass guitar roars very powerful and handled with plenty of technical skills. The one who gives the whole package even more craft is drummer Mike Burns.

The production of "Evoultion Bound" is 80s minded which means not too polished and that's the way we want it, isn't it? An 80s inspired US Metal band asks for an old school sound so forget about modern bullshit! Ancient Creation's new album contains 11 songs and lasted approximately 50 minutes. Every second is a moment of pleasure - what concerns me, this master work could last much longer because all sounds incredible good...for the third and last time, my US Metal fave of 2007!!! Order possible via: MY POINTS: 99 / 100
- Metal To Infinity


Ancient Creation Demo 2006
Ancient Creation "Evolution Bound" Released On Melissa Records 2007


Feeling a bit camera shy


Ancient Creation is Heavy Metal in its purest form, with no concern for being modern or trendy. The only goals are to push the limits of their ability and create great progressive old school power metal. Guitarist Peter Nisenkier decided to form a band that would combine elements of Power Metal, complex song arrangements, aggressive drums, powerful vocals and experimental sounds such as world music. First to come aboard was bassist Andy Critz, a former band mate of Pete's from the days of Sativa. Guitarist and friend Jason Johnson was quickly brought in due to his ability to handle the complexity of the music. The next few months were spent on song writing and then it was time to find a drummer . After trying out many drummers the band lucked out and found Mike Burns, formerly of Parallels, another local progressive metal band. Sharing a love for powerful technical Heavy Metal , the music started to come together easily. After experimenting with different styles and working with various vocalists, it became clear that this band was turning into a no frills classic Power Metal band. After another short search the band came across vocalist Steve Bentley, just back from doing the Milwaukee Metalfest with his former band Darkside. Steve had been looking to do something different and fell right in with the feel and the Power that Ancient Creation was becoming. Now that all the pieces of the puzzle are in place Ancient Creation intends to leave their mark on a scene that has been long gone. As individuals they have toured the entire United States and long to do so again with this Dark Powerful Band. They have opened for several national bands such as Strapping Young Lad, Body Count, Helstar, Lacuna Coil, Cage and most recently Metal Church, Cellador, Meliah Rage and look forward to opening for many more. The band has released one demo's worth of material and continue to write and perform . They have expanded their touring to pretty much anywhere that they are wanted, be it the Midwest, Coast to Coast or traveling abroad to distant lands..Ancient Creation's live performances are filled with raw energy, fast crazy guitar work, clear powerful vocals, and thunderous drums. They are looking forward to showing the world what they have to offer and for the fans to remember the Dark Power Metal of Ancient Creation . Ancient Creation has recently signed with Melissa Records out of The Netherlands and are curently working on their debut release to be set for October 2007 across the world...