Ancient of Days
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Ancient of Days

Perris, California, United States

Perris, California, United States
Band Rock Celtic


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"fan reviews"

Awesome, mysterious world-influenced intro builds steadily into a rip-roaring set of metallic riffs, not previously seen in Indie Rock. This is very progressive, there is much variation in the song structure, this is impressive stuff. The lead vocals remind me a lot of Bruce Dickinson, while the song itself sounds pretty epic. The biblical tendencies work much better than most, well done.

As for improvements: there could perhaps be too much variation in the arrangement and a bit of culture clash. Having said this, your progressive nature is brought out in this track well, keep it up, this shows potential.
Reviewed by: dustycolours from Cirencester, United Kingdom

Wow! Its cool to hear a new band playing rock music in the style of Iron Maiden or Spinal Tap. The celtic intro immediately suggested something of this genre, so I suppose it is useful for your music.
I think this music is interesting, but I can never be sure whether its being played ironically or sincerely. The vocals are crisp, as are the guitars, bass, and drums.
My main criticism is the lack of two-handed tapping in the guitars. There should be at least 30seconds more tapping licks.
Reviewed by: rockin1208 from Cambridge, Massachusetts

Very Celtic
Sounds great with the bag pipes. It really creates a new outlook on the entire song. The bag pipes make the song. Seriously. Very cool Job. Sound greatFirst off, what a clever and original intro that immediatly provides a sense of drama. The band comes and carries on until the lead starts aping the bagpipes and the song devolves into typical metal. There are some interesting change ups that give the song some dynamics but there's nothing new here. The singer does have a great, powerful voice but the lyrics are the typical pompous words that go with this sort of thing. The band is polished and the production is top notch. - Garage band.


Ancient of Days.



I have played drums for practicly all my life. guitar most of it and allways had the passion for singing and writing music. I have sang lead vocals and wrote music with, masquerade curently Exziled, played drums added backing vocals for ATU, and Projekthyde, which was and still is nominated as an IMA Inland Empires best local BAND.I am excited about The line up for the band. these guys are my best friends and have a drive to perform. Many changes have caused this new project to unfold. I have faced a dicission to choose life not death, while being told I had three days to live I realisied all that the world has to offer is just temporary. life is trully short and not promised to us. We live one day at a time woundering if we will wake up and see the sun rise in the morning. ever breath we breath comes from his grace. Life only comes from the breath of life The Ancient Of Days. who promised everyone he would give them life, love and a hopefull future without end, Eternity is his and his alone choose this day who you will serve. PS. all of us in this band have played much of our lives we are pro minded people and love each other as brothers. we are waiting to bring this music to a higher level mabe you can catch the vision and what we are trying to say.