Ancient River

Ancient River

 32601, Florida, USA

"Their blend of distorted electric guitars and fuzzy vocals have that distant, dusty sound that slowly threatens to take you back to an era when Hendrix ruled atop a cloud of purple haze." WILLOW WOOD MUSIC


Ancient River is the brainchild of prolific psych/Americana wnderkind, James Barreto, grown out of the psychedelic swamplands of Gainesville, Florida.

Having evolved through various band lineups across one psych and one Americana album every year for the past three years, 2013 sees the now crystallised duo of James and fellow South American in heavy drone arms, Alex Cordova, taking their immense live sound to the road once more in the wake of a new space-rock album.

Veterans of the psych scene, their wall-of-sound barrage has been honed by extensive touring across the states and beyond, including two appearances at Austin Psych Fest and playing last years Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia, all the while sharing stages with the likes of Christian Bland and The Revelators, Heartless Bastards, Night Beats, Lola Colt, Temples and Cult of Dom Keller.

And it all began with a simple 4-track tape recorder in 2000, guitarist J. Barreto was making frequent trips to Gainesville to play with his instrumental psychedelic band The Ohm. Over the next few years they recorded several albums worth of material, entirely on the 4-track tape recorder. After moving to Gainesville to start his own project, Barreto's house grew into a full home-studio setup with computer and specialised microphones. But he never left that 4-track behind, using it to capture all the basic tracks live.

Locked away in the pursuit of his sonic vision, James earned himself a reputation as a creative hermit deep in his music. His South American and Native American blood coursing through his veins proved him both patient and deeply connected to his work. It was two years before he took Ancient River to the stage, re-emerging as an impassioned singer/frontman, as well as wielding his unmistakeable space-rock guitar sound. It began a period of immense productivity for James, recording and self-releasing four albums and two EPs in the next few years, and one that shows little sign of letting up.

The inspiration for the band's name, Neil Young (who used the lyric "ancient river" in the classic song Thrasher) also provided inspiration for a trilogy of Americana rock releases. This juxtaposition of sounds comes across in their live performances, which feature the expected loud and freaky guitar of psychedelic rock but with tight songs that have structure and purpose.

A pioneering and prolific act at their creative peak and still on the rise!

"Singer tousled rampant locks redolent of Morrison, coolly, nonchalantly flows, takes the floor, to drugged up drubbing beat, sleazy drawling growl subsumed in wall of sound distortion, wafted with heady analogue synth breeze. Unrelentingly doom laden, hypnotised sway, laconic lizard lost in dark inner space, hazed, slipping down the snake, psychotic psychedelic, picking up brighter bluesy note, as sun sets in golden glow, sinking into despondent doldrums as dusk dawns."

"Their blend of distorted electric guitars and fuzzy vocals have that distant, dusty sound that slowly threatens to take you back to an era when Hendrix ruled atop a cloud of purple haze." WILLOW WOOD MUSIC



2010 - Under the Sun EP

2011 - O.D.D.S.

2011 - Polaroid EP

2012 - Let It Live

Set List

Ancient River has a large list of original rock songs they can perform live, including (but not limited to):

4 Letter Word
Insides Out
Once A Tabbey
Air Conditioned Gypsy
Actions Speak Louder
No Apology
Electric Jesus
Places No One Knows
Idle Threats
Eye to I
Red Sun
Earth Song
The Weight of the Stone
Shiny Things
I'm An Ocean
Lonely Space Traveler
Gold In Hand
Not Here
Solid Ground
Dirty Laundry
The Big Sky
Places We All Know
All I Need
Let's Breed
All My Friends
Once Was My Friend
As The World Burns
Let's Dream
Sad But True
On Our Way Now
& Many More!

Songs range in style from simple pop rock songs, to hard rock, grunge, garage, psychedelic rock, folky songs, and a few longer progressive rock inspired songs.