With vocals, the Keyed fiddle and the Turksih lute Anda offers creative skandinavian spritual folk music with influences from alternative rock and the orient.


With unusual instruments, suggestive rock riffs and influences from the orient the folk music duo Anda offers a refreshing approach to Scandinavian vocal folk music. Anda collects their repertoire from the rich soil of spiritual folk music and medieval ballads from Scandinavia and makes the music accessible to a modern audience.

Accompanied by the Keyed fiddle and the Turkish lute, Anda deliver their songs with indulgence and frenzy. Since 2004 Anda has had more than 60 concerts around Sweden.
By spring 2007 Anda will release their first album with traditional Scandinavian Christian music.

Set List

Most of the songs are traditional hymns and mideaval ballads set with a distinct pulse and tempo. Sounds like Garmarna, Frifot, Ranarim