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AndahGround Soundz is comprised of 2 african hiphop groups. AMBASSADOZ and JMNI (pronounced gemineye). Originating from GHANA and COTE D'IVOIRE respectively they are multilingual lyricist rhyming in french, english, twi, pidgeon english, and nouchi.



Some called us 'third-world citizens', while others said we were 'backwards'.. some even asked if we still lived on trees in Africa. With more than 7 years experience of ripping shows, the AMBASSADOZ (M.O.A & AKAN) operated solely on the underground. Eventually surfacing in the late 90s as recording artists who knew exactly what their audience wanted.. and what they wanted was something new...

Their creation is hip-hop music that can range from hard-core to afro-funk, becoming hard to lock into a specific genre or category. This distinctive hybrid of sound has the ability to dazzle listners with their 'switching spit' lingo (rapping in different languages and accents) while commanding the credibility from the hip-hop elite. They bridge the gap between different forms of hip-hop vernacular on stage spittin' in English, French, Twi and Pidgin.

Their unique influences both musical and spiritual make the Ambassadoz a rare and captivating Ghanaian hip-hop group based in Philadelphia, PA USA . Their fans are as diverse as the crew itself: blacks, whites, asians, latinos, hippies, freestylers, rockers, rastas can all be seen nodding their heads at an Ambassadoz show.


Kwame Andah aka M.O.A (Minista Of Agrikulcha) was born December 6th, on a military base in Accra, Ghana. His mother was a Major in the Ghanaian Armed Forces and his father the Minister of Agriculture. During the bloody coup of 1981, he relocated to bordering Togo, Nigeria and then to the Ivory Coast.

Not speaking any french, he attended 3 francophone institutions (La Pipiniere,La Farandole, and Jean Mermoze) in Abidjan prior to joining The International Community School Of Abidjan (aka ICSA) where he was happy to be around english speaking people. He was introduced to hiphop and was known to emcee parties at the International Friendship Center and even bust a rhyme or two. It was there he met Late, as part of rival crews and would often battle each other dancing.

He left Ivory Coast (early 90's) for boarding school in Egypt, UK, France, Malta then returned to Ghana (PRESEC) where he did his O-Level examination before leaving for the US. In Philadelphia, he attended St. Joseph's University and graduated with a degree in Management of Information Systems. It was in his basement (dubbed AndahGround Soundz) where he set up a studio in order to record , mix and master the Ambassadoz album TRAVELWISE on no budget and a second hand labtop. After wrapping up this project, he teamed up with his childhood confidant Latson, who happened to be in Philly to record JMNI's debut album REBEL POETRY.

Franck Late Lawson aka Latson, aka TRINITRO was born in Lome to a Togolese father and a Liberian mother. He lived in several different countries, moved from town to town, continent to continent, and was educated in different school systems. He embraced the Ivorian culture in his teenage years, where he met rhyming partner Kwame Andah aka M.O.A. His heart remains deeply in touch with Cote D'Ivoire where his family is based.

Late graduated from CEFAM (French management school, Temple University, and Art Institute of Philadelphia) with degrees in International management, marketing, Multimedia and web design. While studying in France, Trinitro got involved with rapping and producing. He produced several French hip hop albums and was the chief engineer on REBEL POETRY.

Although his calm demeanor may fool you, this cat holds black belts in Viet Vo Dao (traditional Vietnamese martial art) and TaeKwonDo (Korean Olympic martial art). He is recognized in in the Hall of Fame of the Northeast TaeKwonDo Collegiate League. Latson has won several national and international tournaments in Judo and TaeKwonDo in Cote D'Ivoire, France and the US.

International experience give M.O.A, Latson and AKAN a strong ability to understand and adapt to different environments. Their music appeals to different people because they are citizens of the world.



Written By: K. Andah / F. Effah

Song: Sa sa
Artiste: Ambassadoz
Album: Travelwise

Verse 1 (Akan)
Nkorankora, yei yei
Tea no wɔ he? Yɛanom
panu wɔ he? Yɛadi
Kwesi Kwesi, are you ready?
Wohwɛ me saa, are you sexy
Kwesi Kwesi Kwesi franky, maamobi
Chopi chopi left over, mopɛ sɔpi
Oboy oboy, oboy yankee maame fanti
Are you happy
Abi abi, you dey sabi

Saa (20x)
Aunti mɛnyɛ me saa wai (2x)
wont you nabi na basa wai
Ɛnti mɛnyɛ me saa wai
Saa (15x)

Verse 2 (M.O.A)
You know da stealy padi
You know da dealy chaley
And in da sunny weather
Always got ma chaleywatey
What? coz maamewater splish splash all around it
Kweku Ananse, we dat dawg we about it
Bisa bisa bisa, teacher teacher teacher
Misa misa misa, who got heater heater
You got fila, then she got sida
From Valetta, malta, we got pita
Bonsoir ca va? bonne arriver!
Ca fait un bout de temps depuis quon a quitter
All aboard its hot this year
Some of y’all ain’t got this here

Repeat Hook

Verse 3 (Akan)
Mekɔɔ London, meyɛɛ shopping
If you choppin, den you choppin
I know da yobbin, wei yɛ new one
Wei yɛ latest alomo!
Mepɛ bitters, meretwa photo
Mɛtwa pictures monka wayo
Monka wayo, ebe soso yayadey
lafialo! Wopɛ me show, let me know
Kokrokoo adeɛ akye oh
ambassadoz yɛde aba o!

Repeat Hook

Verse 4 (M.O.A)
Meraisi no so phazi no so
Saa sa blazi no so range ro, straight to the door
No questions asked, straight to the floor
Sankɔfa! Yɛde kɔ, aboisso me me abobo
Si tu est chaud, ya petit poto
Ambassadoz click, we on da road
Metumi da game, morhymi da same
Sweet moda, I nah go forget you again
He said, she said, this an dat
Aka aka why oh? tit for tat!

Repeat Hook

© Ambassadoz


AMBASSADOZ: travelwise (2005)

JMNI: rebel poetry/poessie rebelle (2005)

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Set List

live performances exhibit the same presence, rawness, and power that was spit in the booth. Their shows are interactive because of the hype crowd participation they bring into their performance creating a positive mood and energetic atmosphere. Selected songs from the debut releases plus a couple choice covers.



1. Ma Brada
2. EZ Come EZ Go
3. Hip Hop Music
4. Money Dont Make Me
5. Sa Sa
6. Rebel Emcee

1. Blurred Reality
2. Rebel Poetry
3. WeaponLess Warfare
4. Priceless Memories
5. Echoe's Of Silence (Africa)
6. Brutal