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The best kept secret in music


"Travelwise Exclusive Album Review"

The tracklisting on the cd cover shows only 4 song names but the cd is 9 tracks deep. But it's okay because this is an exclusive album preview. This is crew coming from Ghana.

"Interestingly the two emcees used to go under the name of (Foreign) Diplomats while Tanzania in the 90's also had its crew Deplowmatz, but these are two different groups." - Juma4 from

There's a whole other world in the rest of Africa as hundreds of artists are releasing albums. South Africans should really make more attempts to do collaborations with their continental neighbours.

The first track on here starts off with a fat ass beat. Reminds me a lot of UGK. The rappers have nice flows and their African accents are not lost - thank God for that. Oh shit the track switches as they land at the airport. Okay I see now, the first two verses they are taking off on a plane then they land. Interesting track.

Yes this is what I like. The second song on here has a very strong hook. Can't understand the language. But I like the fact they rapping in their own language. Damn I like the flows. The production is also dope - I hear rain and thunder in the background. Solid!

Third one. Nice commercial sound beat. Perfect for those hot African nights where the chicks are glowing with sweat on a beach night club. This one they doing in English.

Track 4. Starts with scratching and is driven by a guitar sample. Bass comes in and they kick their verses lovely. It's okay but let's skip to the next one.

Mmm track number 5 is fucking fat. Head nodder. Synth driven. This is a bilingual track. A tight beat.

Track 6 starts with scratching as well. Intrusive bass dribbles throughout. Off centre broken english deliveries add a touch of panache. Track 7 begins with a synth orchestra and carries with a typical west coast drum pattern. Number 8 has a funky 70's sample. Excited hi hats tickle the baseline in the background. I can't help but get up and do a Johnny Clegg move in front of this monitor. You can hear that they are enjoying rapping on this one. The last song on here also has that 70's style sample. The hook mimics the horn. Damn that beat is just too funky. Like Osibisa on mandrax.

After listening to this I can say I'm happy to own a copy. The Ambassadoz is just one of those crews I'd like to check out live. I believe the cd will be available to purchase on soon - so when that happens at least check out some of the audio clips. Check their dope website out and look out for the interview coming here soon.

Added: 2004-01-30
Reviewer: AGMilitia
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"JMNI Interview"

1. Who are JMNI? What do you represent? What do you intend to do (express) with your music?

JMNI: 2 African men who love the art of self expression through music and writing. We intend to spread our message to people who share the same background as us as well as anyone who is a fan of rap music.

2. What do your stage names mean, where do they come from (TRINITRO & M.O.A)?

Trinitro: Trinitro is short for Trinitrotoluene which is the scientific word for TNT dynamite.

M.O.A: M.O.A stands for minister of agrikulcha, well because I plant seeds in.

3. How did you 2 meet each other?

We've had a relationship since childhood. We went to school in the same city. Hiphop is something that we always did all our lives as children, and we finally got a chance to expose it.

4. How did you end up in Philly? Do you think you can be heard better there than in Africa?

Trinitro: I came to Philly to finish my studies, got back in touch with my childhood friend MOA and decided to make this happen. I believe that our message is meant to be heard by all human beings. We live in Philadelphia but our style of music is intended to touch African people worldwide and can be better heard in Europe and Africa I believe.

M.O.A: I ended up in Philly for college. While here I put out the AMBASSADOZ: TRAVELWISE debut album. During the recording process of that album, Latson and myself started recording tracks for our debut album REBEL POETRY.

5."REBEL POETRY", is your debut album. How is it being received by hip hop fans?

So far, fans think our style is strong,unique and a breath of fresh air in this shark infested game!

6. What themes have you had on "REBEL POETRY"? How did
you expect people to react after listening it?

Themes are various, from war to dictatorship in Africa, relationships between men and women, ego-tripping, foreign affairs and bravado rhymes.

7. What are you currently working on and how are you going to promote it so your message can be heard all over the world?

Actually, at the moment, we are putting finishing touches to REBEL POETRY and doing shows whenever we get the chance. M.O.A is working on a mixtape called "MOA Presents" as well as doing shows with AKAN. Latson is working on his next album, as well as producing and recording different up and coming acts in the area. We are also tightening up the business end of things. We're going to push this to the public and get it where it needs to be -mom and pop shops, the internet, car trunks, bootlegs, digital distribution and word of mouth!

8. Besides Mc-ing what else are each of you fond of in the hip hop culture?

Trinitro:I like breakdancing

M.O.A: tagging

9. How much of the african culture can be found in your rhymes?

Most of our rhymes in Rebel Poetry are influenced by our African background. You also have to overstand that we have a world view of this hiphop game. We have traveled around to different places in our youth and look at the bigger picture of things, but the foundation is definitely African.

10. You used to produce your own work. Have you concidered to collaborate with someone else for production?

We've actually collaborated with few producers on some songs, and we are always ready to collaborate with others if the vibe is right. We got tracks from DN3 (philly native) as well as SEVEN (Ghanaian producer extraordinaire)!
M.O.A is currently working with a Romanian producer/dj by the name of DJ FaiboX.

11. On your future works who else besides JMNI can be heard?

Probably emcees and artists who are close to us. We have a track that so far features 20 emcees from all parts of the globe!! Look for the cd for that!

12. A few words for your fans form all over?

JMNI is a device of floatation, like a vortex in a mighty rotation!! We truly hope that you will enjoy the Rebel Poetry album, and thank you for taking time to LISTEN. This was a joint project between Lvolution Productions (Trinitro) and AndahGround Soundz (M.O.A). The official JMNI website is under construction.

13. HipHopKulture thanks your for doing this interview and hopes to hear from JMNI as soon as possible.

We want to tell everybody that JMNI is in full effect. It's just the beginning. Everybody has a personal life outside the music. When you don't hear from us for awhile, it's good. In that time we're going through enough things to express to you later. Its all part of the cycle!! Ya foyi! One Love from Trinitro and M.O.A!!

Visit - (Romania)

"Annansi Clothing Co. "Redefines African Style" with new music showcase"

NEW YORK, NY, (NAMC) - To celebrate the launch of its Summer 2005 collection, Annansi Clothing Co. will present Redefining African Style, a showcase of emerging African musicians, July 9th at Lava Gina - World Music Lounge (116 Ave C between 7th & 8th Sts) in New York City. Hosted by MC Chosan (Sierra Leone) and featuring The Ambassadoz (Ghana), Sheba (Ethiopia), and the Artkitects, Redefining African Style is the first of a series of showcases which will create a platform for emerging African artists who are truly redefining African musical style for the masses. - New Age Media Concepts NAMC Newswire

"Philadelphia City Paper"

African Youth Benefit

Hip-hop's cultural influence is everywhere — just ask Philly's African community. International talent, Ambassadoz (Ghana), JNMI (Cote D'Ivoire), Chosan (Sierra Leone), Balozi (Tanzania) and Meta (Senegal), along with local MCs, come together to benefit the youth of Africa. Native sounds, sights and rhythms will be present through drumming, poetry and dance. Natty Rebel will also bring their traditional and modern attire to the mix.
— Deesha Dyer
Sat., July 31, 2-7 p.m., free, with Liberation, Luminous Flux, Soldiers for Culture and Formula RH, Clark Park, 45th and Chester sts., 215-726-9942. - MUSIC soundadvice section


AMBASSADOZ: travelwise (2005)

JMNI: rebel poetry/poessie rebelle (2005)

Download & Streaming available at:



Feeling a bit camera shy



Some called us 'third-world citizens', while others said we were 'backwards'.. some even asked if we still lived on trees in Africa. With more than 7 years experience of ripping shows, the AMBASSADOZ (M.O.A & AKAN) operated solely on the underground. Eventually surfacing in the late 90s as recording artists who knew exactly what their audience wanted.. and what they wanted was something new...

Their creation is hip-hop music that can range from hard-core to afro-funk, becoming hard to lock into a specific genre or category. This distinctive hybrid of sound has the ability to dazzle listners with their 'switching spit' lingo (rapping in different languages and accents) while commanding the credibility from the hip-hop elite. They bridge the gap between different forms of hip-hop vernacular on stage spittin' in English, French, Twi and Pidgin.

Their unique influences both musical and spiritual make the Ambassadoz a rare and captivating Ghanaian hip-hop group based in Philadelphia, PA USA . Their fans are as diverse as the crew itself: blacks, whites, asians, latinos, hippies, freestylers, rockers, rastas can all be seen nodding their heads at an Ambassadoz show.


Kwame Andah aka M.O.A (Minista Of Agrikulcha) was born December 6th, on a military base in Accra, Ghana. His mother was a Major in the Ghanaian Armed Forces and his father the Minister of Agriculture. During the bloody coup of 1981, he relocated to bordering Togo, Nigeria and then to the Ivory Coast.

Not speaking any french, he attended 3 francophone institutions (La Pipiniere,La Farandole, and Jean Mermoze) in Abidjan prior to joining The International Community School Of Abidjan (aka ICSA) where he was happy to be around english speaking people. He was introduced to hiphop and was known to emcee parties at the International Friendship Center and even bust a rhyme or two. It was there he met Late, as part of rival crews and would often battle each other dancing.

He left Ivory Coast (early 90's) for boarding school in Egypt, UK, France, Malta then returned to Ghana (PRESEC) where he did his O-Level examination before leaving for the US. In Philadelphia, he attended St. Joseph's University and graduated with a degree in Management of Information Systems. It was in his basement (dubbed AndahGround Soundz) where he set up a studio in order to record , mix and master the Ambassadoz album TRAVELWISE on no budget and a second hand labtop. After wrapping up this project, he teamed up with his childhood confidant Latson, who happened to be in Philly to record JMNI's debut album REBEL POETRY.

Franck Late Lawson aka Latson, aka TRINITRO was born in Lome to a Togolese father and a Liberian mother. He lived in several different countries, moved from town to town, continent to continent, and was educated in different school systems. He embraced the Ivorian culture in his teenage years, where he met rhyming partner Kwame Andah aka M.O.A. His heart remains deeply in touch with Cote D'Ivoire where his family is based.

Late graduated from CEFAM (French management school, Temple University, and Art Institute of Philadelphia) with degrees in International management, marketing, Multimedia and web design. While studying in France, Trinitro got involved with rapping and producing. He produced several French hip hop albums and was the chief engineer on REBEL POETRY.

Although his calm demeanor may fool you, this cat holds black belts in Viet Vo Dao (traditional Vietnamese martial art) and TaeKwonDo (Korean Olympic martial art). He is recognized in in the Hall of Fame of the Northeast TaeKwonDo Collegiate League. Latson has won several national and international tournaments in Judo and TaeKwonDo in Cote D'Ivoire, France and the US.

International experience give M.O.A, Latson and AKAN a strong ability to understand and adapt to different environments. Their music appeals to different people because they are citizens of the world.