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"slug Magazine - local CD reviews"

Pseudo Recordings
Street: 06.07
Andale! = Yeah Yeah Yeahs + Pretty Girls Make Graves + The Wolfs
After years of teasing and torturing with a single-track acting as the only officially released material, Andale! have finally released a full-length album. Although the wait was long, the self-titled album lives up to the precedent set by "Hit the Ground," the track featured on DBS II. The album opens with the infectious and hard-hitting "Walk Away" and only gets better from there. The chuggy guitars and laughable lyrics featured on "Fucking Tourettes" lead quite nicely into the mellow verses and addictive chorus of "I Liked You Better When." Two of my favorite tracks were "Unforgiving Sky" and "Messed Up," but really any way you add it up all 10 tracks on this album are delicious. Bravo, Andale!

- Jeanette Moses

"Thirty things we like about local music right now Salt Lake City Weekly Feb. 15 2007 "

Maybe they can’t go out in daylight either
How elusive is SLC indie-rock outfit ¡andale!? Very. We still love’ em, though- there’s no denying the aural-magnetic pull of tunes like “eventually,” “black is bad,” “unforgiving sky” (check out Myspace.com/onduhlay) and the SLUG: Death by Salt II track “hit the ground” (thus far, ¡andale!’s only official release), and we scour the club listings anxiously for one of their rarer-than-bigfoot-sightings gigs. Call us suckers for girls with guitars, but when (or if) you hear ¡andale!’s efortless harmonies and sultry chording you’ll be a believer, too. - Bill Frost

"Salt Lake City Weekly"

Listening to ¡Andale! inspires a tinge of sympathy for certain subjects berated in the group’s more acrid tracks. “Liar. Liar. Liar. Liar … I can see right through you,” lead vocalist Memorie Morrison sings to some sorry sap on “Interceptor,” her voice dripping with derision. Of course, the next song off the local quartet’s long-awaited, officially official eponymous debut hints at a sweet, sensitive side beneath the salty grit: “I know it’s hard to believe that I ever loved you dear/ I know it’s hard to believe I’m holding back my tears.” So, you know—stay on their good side. It won’t be hard if you dig solid, stripped-down tunes that are punk like Mike Watt. The famed Minuteman bassist put it best when he said, “If you’re punk, you can play anything you want.” Which means ¡Andale! can safely be bratty and wise; slightly sloppy and solid. Recorded by guitarist Mike Sasich and released on Pseudo Recordings, the group’s short and not-so-sweet album is 10 tracks of stripped down, polished—but never slick—material that leaves a mark long after the teeth sink in. Pick up a copy, tonight. The Urban Lounge, 241 S. 500 East, 10 p.m. Info: 746-0557 (with Pink Lightnin’ and Junta DeVille) - Jamie Gadette

"Salt Lake City Weekly"

SLAMMys 2008 | 19 Things We’re Loving About Local Music Right Now
By Jamie Gadette, Ryan Bradford, Bill Frost & Jenny Poplar

No Hyperbole Here
Seventeen years ago, Bikini Kill called for Revolution Girl Style Now! And, while the concept of girl (or grrl) power has since been recycled, exploited and commodified by a string of wannabes (Spice Girls, anyone?), only a handful of artists continue to lead by example. Salt Lake City’s ¡Andale! match the sound and attitude of their fierce foremothers with smart, witty firecracker indie/punk that drones, pierces and, occasionally, coos Liz Phair-style (before she sold out and completely sucked). Get on the bus, bitches. (JG)Saturday 6.7
 - Jamie Gadette

"Salt Lake City Weekly/ CWMA's"

Friday night on the CWMA's had three, count them, three different concerts going on in one night. For me, I stopped in for the dual showing at Bar Deluxe.

Up first, the always punk-tastic Andale! Opening up to the vigorous "Black Is Bad," Memorie's voice filled the room with both harmony and grit, giving you the true punk rock girl experience in every song. Making their way through the self-titled album, the group got the audience worked up to "Walk Away," "Messed Up," and of course crowd favorite "Fucking Tourettes" with a shout out to CW's Bill Frost, fittingly enough. Finishing off their set with new number "Milton Bradley," she belted out the lyrics "You sunk my battleship!" to a trenching guitar riff. This was the first time I got to see Andale! live and was not disappointed one bit.
- Gavin Sheehan


hit the ground (single, Death by Salt II compilation)
¡Andale!, ¡ANDALE! LP 2008
Played on the radio: I liked you better when, Walk away, Black is bad, Unforgiving sky, Eventually, The working song.

I liked you better when,The working song, and a cover of Wild thing by the troggs were featured in the documentary Kick like a girl.



Pronounced: on-duh-lay
Definition: 1. (noun) An Indie rock/quasi pop band from Salt Lake City, UT 2. (noun) A group of four individuals who make music, two of which have no idea how to make music but manage to anyway. 3. (noun) Your favorite bands favorite band. Translation: (spanish) “lets go” or “hurry up”. Sounds like: A 5 year old genius finger painting historical fiction. Used in the same context as: The Cars, The Pretenders, The Stooges, The Pixies Origin: ¡andale! is the manifestation of boredom and desire.