Andalusian Dog

Andalusian Dog


Beatlesesque melodies and hooks with the themes of Velvet Underground and lyrics inspired by the liberty of Arthur Rimbaud.


Andalusian Dog is a D.C. rock n' roll band whose strength is derived from its members' diversity. Harnessing different influences, they have been able to craft songs that are both familiar yet uniquely their own.

With the independent release of their first LP which the band recorded themselves in their home studio, one would witness the swift transitions between raw rock n' roll songs to build-up ballads and even a tinge of country.



Written By: Albert Antiquera

I submit to you
In the darkest of night
Oh, the knife will find its way
Swipe at the heart of my complaints
Hold on

For the passion that flew
As I'm bound and you struck
At the luck deep in your fears
Even deceptions here are sincere
Hold on

I disappear, find me now
I disappear, find me now,
what you could give is all mine
Find me now, what you could give is all mine
Find me now, I disappear

On my knees I break
On your arms I do fold
Oh the whip with which you told
The desires in life you wish to show
Hold on


Written By: Albert Antiquera

I wish I was born again
Because it aint the same man, it aint the same
And I, wish I could rule the sea
It'll wash over me sir, can't you tell
I'll drown my soul to sleep

Pride is what fills my mind
It takes up all my time girl, pardon me
But sins, they don't go away that easy ma'm
They've got a hold of me;
They've sunk their rabid teeth,
Boy, can't you see
I smile as I bleed.

The cracks on the ground(/underneath)
they've mocked you, yeah
And the stars up above they've cried
When the nights are worn out, it repeats itself
The same shit over and over again

Fine, I'll confess my crime
Done with all my might
Son, tell me is there proof in sight?
Chains, they're tied to my hands
They sure weigh me down
Sir, humor me is that my hole in the ground?

The Menace

Written By: Albert Antiquera

I want you to know
Wherever you go
My shadow will follow
Dig through your bones

Whatever you see
There I will be
Forever smilin
Forever laughin, at you

Death knows no joke
Neither I have of hope
Well I can't be certain
I can be sure,
but you?

Your Gun Is Your Only Bride

Written By: Albert Antiquera

What would you do if they come for you
In search of clues
And your gun is your only bride?
Crying by your side

What would you say if they get their way
Is it my name?
You'll let my enemies know
I see them come and go

What would you think when you're on the brink
Shaken up and drained
Would it be worth a weeping soul?
You know that love is a wasted goal

Yeah we all make mistakes, mind you
What would you care if I got my prize,
and leave you?

I'm gonna leave this world behind
And the secrets that all piled up in time
Hush little rascal you should know
I'm all packed up as you aim your bow

When you can't hide what you got inside
Go and tell them lies
They'll never know it from the truth
They got their necks stuck in a noose

Giving in while you're giving up
Is never good enough
I'll never throw my hands up high
There ain't no glory unless you try

What would you think when you're on the brink
Shaken up and drained
Would it be worth a weeping soul?
You know that love is a wasted goal


Andalusian Dog - LP

Set List

Our typical set consists mainly of original materials and some covers that on average would run between
45 minutes to 1.5 hours...On occasions we would play 2 hour shows.

Cursed Men Hymn
Your Gun Is Your Only Bride
Scent Of Anger
Heathens Are the Brave Ones
How To Learn To Fight
So Wrong
Forgot Your Name
The Menace

On Call
Sweet Jane
A Certain Romance