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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Best New Band 2011"

Sounds like: A refined, orchestrated version of Wowee Zowee-era Pavement made by kids who grew up listening to hip-hop instead of the Fall. - Willamette Week

"And And And"

“Live, they exhibit a ton of unbridled, raucous energy, but it ain’t all dumb power; there’s a definite melodic pop current running beneath the crusty surface.” - Tiny Mix Tapes

"And And And"

“And And And’s repertoire encompasses the lo-fi sweetness of The Kinks combined with the bouncy indie pop Pavement made oh so popular.”

- The Deli Magazine ( Los Angeles )


" And And And , Live from the Banana Stand " Banana Stand Media / CD Baby - May 2013 ( cd, digital )

" Muscle Stuff " , self released - March 2013 ( digital single )

" No Party " , Thing Thing Thing Records - Sept. 2012 ( 7" , Digital )

" Lost " , Exploding Green Records - Feb. 2012 ( 10" ep, digital )



This is not a band that is worried about looking super-hip and being part of the scene. Pretentiousness is a great fear of theirs. honesty is an ambition. They play music that is at once earnest and orchestrated yet out-of-control and off kilter. Their songs range from lo-fi garage pop to folksy ballads with clarinet or trumpet. Their live shows have been known to become sweaty booze soaked sing-alongs. Band members have injured themselves on stage (or by jumping off the stage) and have been known to be disoriented and half naked at times.

People might like us because we are everyday misfits who happen to have a pretty interesting band. We do look like a mashup of punky, grungy typical Oregon Coast dudes (Nathan still lives part time in his, Ryan’s, and Jon’s hometown of Reedsport.) And in a general sense, we sound like a modern rock and roll band with guitars and drums and stuff. We try to convey a focused intensity and honest emotion when we play, not finesse and presentation.