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The best kept secret in music


"Citybeat Review"

Locals And Andy release High & Tight on Saturday at Radio Down with Bulletproof Charm, Chaselounge and Louisville's Waterproof Blonde opening. The disc will be available online for download via iTunes on Tuesday.

Making full use of the band's influences (Weezer, Superdrag, Foo Fighters) as touchstones, but exercising their own righteous Pop sensibility, And Andy's High & Tight is a head rush of summery boy/girl Pop anthems ("Waiting," "For the First Time"), churning two-minute rockers ("Leo," "What You Say") and a little illicit backroom sex thrown in for good measure ("Find a Way"). What lifts H&T above the din of bland, sugary Pop that currently permeates the airwaves is its fresh approach to melodic Guitar Rock, infusing songs with innovative riffs, shifting tempos and irresistible choruses. "Leo" is downright infectious, with its Cars' inflected "How good it can be-oh" refrain, while "Nothing Left To Say" moves slickly along Rob Warnick's chugging, melodic bass lines. Warnick and guitarist Josh Purnell craft the bulk of the songs and prove excellent students of the "Big Book of Hooks," injecting '90s-era power-chord Rock with the chiming guitar melancholy of the late '80s (the terrific "Spinning Top").

Resurrecting one good bit from the '90s, And Andy inserts the obligatory hidden track, in this case an instrumental that follows disc closer "Last Year." It's always good to know you're getting more value for your money, and High & Tight is a Pop fan's bargain, chocked to the brim with great, memorable songs from start to finish. (Sean Rhiney) - Citybeat

"Cincy Post Review"

The power pop groove is in fine hands from And Andy, the quartet from Hebron, Ky., which is releasing its first full-length debut, "High & Tight." The band sums up its spirit best in a release simply stating that the 13-cut CD is about "harmonies, layered guitars and driving drum beats with interesting progressions."

Diversity and intricacy of musicianship are found on the CD, from the opening slow-burn, toe-tapping "Waiting" to the infectious second cut, "Leo." It's one of those albums that never lets up.

It is derivative with influences ranging from the Clash to Led Zeppelin. But these guys have quickly managed to find their own unique melodic and hard-driving sound.

"We like to think all (the influences) are reflected and different enough to keep the listeners' attention," said lead singer and songwriter Josh Purnell. "It is diverse, but then no one's reinventing the wheel here. It's rock 'n' roll." (Rick Bird) - The Cincy Post

"The Amusement Review"

Swift, melodious, and energetic are a few words to describe the sound that Cincinnati rock band And Andy creates. The group comprised of Josh Purnell (vocals, guitar), Josh Duncan (guitar), Andy Crawford (drums), and Rob Warnick (bass) formed in the summer of 2002, and shortly after they began playing shows all around the Cincinnati area.

And Andy released their first EP in July of 2003 and on Jan. 22 they will release their first full-length album, High & Tight.

The album gleams with rock-worthy tracks, with each tune varying from the next. And Andy provides solid vocals, harmonious guitar riffs, and punctual drumbeats — an all around enticing combination.

And Andy draws influence from bands such as Weezer, Superdrag, and Foo Fighters. However, Purnell will tell you that the individual band members are into all sorts of music — ranging from classic rock, Rancid, to The Cure. Perhaps the assorted musical tastes could be one of the reasons that And Andy’s music is so versatile.

The first several tracks off High & Tight have a pop-rock vibe with flowing vocals and instrumentals — exemplifying And Andy’s ability to generate compelling music that stays in your head even after you’ve turned the music off.. As the album progresses, so does the style of the music. Somewhere around "What You Say," the album takes a turn into a slightly edgier, more instrumentally driven realm. Nonetheless, the music remains as captivating as it was from the start of the album.

"What you always wanted," a groovy tune with a dark reggae feel points out And Andy’s drive to create an album swarming with diverse sounds. It is one of the many highlights from the album. The song is followed by "Nothing Left to Say," which is most likely the hardest rocking song on the album, and provokes some of the most riveting guitar sounds and hard hitting drum beats.

Mixing it up, making good music, and giving listeners a sense of variety is what And Andy is all about.

"Our style can change from straight ahead rock to power pop to reggae pop to indie rock and even to a classic rock feel," Purnell said. "It’s versatile, yet not too drastic in style changes."

And Andy closes the 12-track album with "Last Year," a song that like all of its predecessors is magnetic, fun, and catchy. And Andy wraps up the charismatically wide-ranging album giving solid proof that the band is capable of exploring various musical directions. (Kristen Carlson) - The Amusement


And Andy - High & Tight (2005)
And Andy - EP (2003)


Feeling a bit camera shy


And Andy is a rock band from Cincinnati, OH and simply put they strive to create music they love and consider worthwhile. The group gives everything they can at each and every live show. When you come to a show, you will have fun because they are high energy and you will be able to tell the difference between each song.

Writing the same song over and over is not part of the plan. Mixing up different styles, changing tempos and time signatures is what they do and it helps to define their sound.
They manage to incorporate their influences into their sound yet still maintain a unique style all their own.

On January 22nd they released their first full length record entitled High & Tight and it has been well received by critics and fans alike.

“High & Tight is a Pop fan's bargain, chocked to the brim with great, memorable songs from start to finish.” (Sean Rhiney Citybeat)

“Diversity and intricacy of musicianship are found on the CD, from the opening slow-burn, toe-tapping "Waiting" to the infectious second cut, "Leo." It's one of those albums that never lets up. These guys have quickly managed to find their own unique melodic and hard-driving sound.” (Rick Bird Cincy Post)

It contains flat out catchy rock songs “Waiting” and “Leo” along with the classic rock twang of “All Wrong” which helps showcase the bands versatility. From straightforward aggressive rock to hook laden pop gems And Andy will not be pigeonholed to a specific sound. Diversity is key to the band and they plan on creating more diverse unique sonic landscapes as they move forward.

Regional touring is expected throughout the Midwest this year along with stellar hometown shows with other favorite locals. You can purchase High & Tight locally at Phil’s, Everybody’s and Shake It Records in Cincinnati as well as online at