Andersen - One Nation Under A Groove

Andersen - One Nation Under A Groove


Bollywood-funk! And pop! First of all great songs - with indian influences. Lyrics in english blends with sitars, keyboards and hiphop-rhythms. And someting new: Konnakol. Its rhtyhmic indian RAP!


Pop with a NEW sound
A mix of dance, pop, funk and India. But first of all: Great songs!

One Nation Under The Groove:
Tablas, sitars and the Indian rhythm language “Konnakol”
blended with English lyrics– AND modern electronic dance rhythms
One Nation Under The Groove:
The four songs on the demo contains great melodies with catchy hook lines.
One Nation Under The Groove :
“Henrik Andersen has a very nice voice – a bit like Phil Collins! Or George Harrison meets Prince! “
This is what many listeners on have said.

One Nation Under The Groove :
Interesting and personal lyrics about Henrik’s life with a philosophical twist
The profound musical insight that has gone into these songs make them rewarding for any fan of pop music.

One Nation Under The Groove :
Exciting keyboards sounds (often a lot of old moogs) blend with funky electric and acoustic guitars

One Nation Under The Groove :
“Konnakol”! That’s Indian RAP! As we see it and use it in the band. Andersen has studied Indian music and can actually sing the difficult Konnakol-rhythmic “language”.
In this band we use a new kind of rap – we believe we’ve found a new way of making RAP-music!

Henrik Andersen from Denmark is the front man in One Nation Under A Groove.
He’s the singer and composer of the four new songs on the cd.
He’s from Copenhagen and plays a lot of different instruments; guitar, sitar, bass, veena, percussion, drums, vocals, beat box & the south-indian vocal rhythms: "Konnokol". He has recorded & toured with Trilok Gurtu (India), Pete Lockett (UK), Shashank (India), Carla Alexander(Brasil), Steady Diggin Workshop (UK), Outlandish (DK) a.o.
One Nation Under A Groove is his latest project and the four songs are made with two Danish producers Buschmann(drums)/Steen(keyboards): “We see Andersen as a mixture of Phil Collins, hip hop and Indian music, and we believe that we’ve found a new pop sound with his voice and brilliant tunes”.

So far One Nation Under A Groove has only made a demo, but while Henrik is travelling around the world, Buschmann/Steen are working with his big catalogue of songs. Now turned into unique pop!
Many more songs are on the way - the three Danes have worked for many years as professional musicians, and they’re NOT stopping here! Expect a load of new tunes and grooves from One Nation Under A Groove

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One Nation Under The Groove says:
“Has music – will travel - and we will “fight” for each and every listener around the world!”
"One Nation Under A Groove” is a registered trademark in Europe. Copyright protected by KODA (DK) & NCB.


We have only made a demo of 7 songs so far

Set List

We do NOT do covers! Only original material
We will send a rider for upcoming gigs