Anders & Kendall

Anders & Kendall


Richard & Linda Thompson meet Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips: rustic indie-pop duets from two accomplished songwriters.


Anders & Kendall is a new collaboration between Anders Parker (Varnaline, New Multitudes, s/t) and Kendall Meade (Mascott, Sparklehorse, Helium).

These two prolific songwriters have been lending their talents to each others records for over a decade. Finally, in 2011, both found themselves with a break from other projects.
"We set up a couple weeks to write songs together," says Parker, "and within a couple days it was clear we had more than an album's worth of great songs."

"Putting together a record of duets has long been a fantasy of ours," adds Meade. "Our influences are very similar, yet we each bring something unique to the songs. It adds a certain thrill that you don't find when you are working by yourself."

Of course, this record is not just Anders & Kendall. To flesh out these new songs, Parker and Meade turned to some of their trusted colleagues, including Doug Gillard of Guided By Voices, Will Johnson of Centro-Matic, and Scott Minor of Sparklehorse and Beth Orton.

The result is "Wild Chorus," a lush, playful collection of rustic indie-pop that brings to mind other classic duet records by Richard & Linda Thompson or Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips.


Wild Chorus (2013)