Anderson Brothers

Anderson Brothers


Power Rock & Blues with attitude & message. Not for the faint hearted.


From their humble beginnings in Grand Rapids, Michigan, these brothers were influenced with a healthy dose of the Motown sound. Combine that with the Beatles, Hendrix, & Clapton, and it's easy to hear that influence in their music. With the support of family & friends, & a desire to succeed, they soon embarked on a music career spanning over 2 decades that includes acting, producing, & most recently the formation of Sweet Irene Music, a Record/Publishing Company. Still enjoying the creativity behind the music, these talented brothers have once again come together to release their new CD "Solid Blue" with a Spring/Summer tour planned for 2007.


1981- Anderson Bros. Live (Chart)
1983- Martin Lee Anderson's Greatest Hits Vol.1 (Chart)
1984-Mickey Butane & The Blue Flames Live (Chart)
1990-The Sun Sessions-Singles (Chart)
2000-Full Circle (Sweet Irene Music)
2003-Soul Confessions (Sweet Irene Music)
2007-Solid Blue (Sweet Irene Music)

Set List

1-2 hr. shows. All originals with some Stones, ZZ, Beatles, Guy & Waters to mix it up & keep it interesting.