Anderson Congress

Anderson Congress


Loud, noisy, psychedelic rock with dark, sad lyrics and aggressive energy.


Jake Sinetos first began playing music under the Anderson Congress moniker in 2003, playing dark experimental music as part of the 'Under the Radar' group of musicians'. After two years of solo work he moved to the UK in 2005, living in Leeds and changing his focus from sample and key based music to more guitar-based compositions. It was here that he recruited Amyas Varcoe. With Jake on rhythm guitar and vocals and Amyas on lead the two began to play gigs as a two-piece, both contributing to the songs. As the two continued to play gigs around Leeds, they realized they needed to bolster their sound with a larger band, and so drafted in drummer Lucy Canter (of 'The Seven Inches' and 'Kill Manticore') and bassist Adam John Miller ('The Manhattan Love Suicides' and 'The What I Wanted to Dos'). Now backed by a full band, Jake and Amyas continued to write and record, using their band as a way to explore more complex and experimental sounds whilst still keeping the dark, melodic mood to their music. Slots supporting 'The Gris Gris' and 'Downdime' in Leeds, as well as several headline gigs of their own, allowed them to test their material in front of larger audiences. In 2007 Amyas joined Jake in SF and they began playing together as a duo again. After a few months Amyas left the band and returned to the UK. Jake then recruited Nick Sinetos ('Alas Alak Alaska') to play guitar, H. A. Eugene (Burbank International) to play bass and Chris Lindsey to drum. Anderson Congress now with a louder punkier edge to their music have released their debut album and playing regularly throughout the US.


Self Titled - 2009
you can here it on college radio and

Set List

It All Falls Apart
Quit This Mess
O' Where to Begin
Blind and Blinking
Love Away
All of you

Our sets can be as short as 20 mins or as long as 45, it depends on the kind of gig.