Anders Ponders

Anders Ponders


From the basements of the Minneapolis underground music scene. Solo act. Self-styled modern bard. Viola/guitar looped live. Lazy vocals. Infectious melodies, intricate harmonies. Sounds at once tender and rough. Lyrics with depth and meaning. Inspired by Greek mythology, Tarot and Opera.

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The Discus Incident

Written By: Anders Mattson

Maybe you shouldn't be thumbing your nose at the Western Wind.
He calls you handsome, but me, I just call you, "My Hyacinth."
We are one brain and body, so alike, and your beauty makes me feel like I just grew my eyes.
Those who are younger appreciate more of the simple things.
Even gods have their problems while princes indulge in imaginings.
What will be, I can see it coming, but for now I'm your horse and you're a bouncing baby riding on my back.
Maybe you shouldn't be thumbing your nose at the Western Wind.
That just happens to be the direction I'm throwing the discus in.
Off you go, trying to impress me.
Now I know, I never should've second guessed your love.
And now it's gotten out of hand and it's careening toward your head but you should know that I've got the recipe to keep you alive with me it comes as a melody and ends with a harmony.
Don't die a coward in your final hour 'cause I've got the power to make you a flower, a flower.
That way we'll never grow older together.
Isn't it better to be young forever?