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It took two friends too long to start - years of separately playing with other bands finally gave way to Andes. Adding the Loskot on drums, the Toronto 3-piece meld interests in reggae syncopation with some etheral shoegaze to forge a unique blend.


Andes is an evolving entity, which keeps the interest of all three members. Cory and Jamie finally decided that after living and playing separately in various bands for what seemed like forever, they would move back to Toronto in 2012 and see where their experiences could take them with new material on home turf.

Starting without a drummer, they honed ideas on acoustic guitars, not thinking exactly of what the end product need be. That product went electronic, and they passed uploaded experiments to each other with synth beats to keep the interest and progression. Eventually, they needed a live drummer, and the Loskot was asked to step into the fold. His syncopated style immediately changed their fledging tunes from the first rehearsal, which kept it refreshing.

Andes is now writing and recording as a solid 3-piece, and are enjoying live shows to showcase the fruits of their labours. Sometimes it just takes time to find the best direction.


Long Branch EP
"The Challenging"