...and he is us

...and he is us


Female fronted Alt/Rock. It's like if Regina Spektor and Rage Against the Machine had a baby and meanwhile the Yeah Yeah Yeah's and Metric had a baby and by some miracle, those babies met and reproduced, ...and he is us would be the product.


In a city that is, more often than not, a cold, dark place, four people have come together to do what they love the most; make music. With roots in Beaumont and Edmonton, Alberta, singer Sonia Silva, guitarist Nolan Richer, bassist Liam Wilson and drummer Amanda Rene form ...and he is us. This hard hitting foursome will bring you to your feet and get you moving.

...and he is us formed as a trio in April of 2007 sans Liam Wilson. In March of 2008, Liam was recruited and soon after the band began recording. Their music can be described as heavy, but with occasional electronic/hiphop tendencies. It is both spacey and ambient. Because of their vast array of musical influences, it seems that a little of everything comes into play with the band's music. Despite their wide array of influential genres, the members of ...and he is us pull it all together to make their own unique sound.

The foursome have been hard at work, playing shows throughout the city and surrounding areas. Performing at popular Edmonton venues like the Starlite Room, Jet Nightclub and The Velvet Underground, they have been quickly moving up the ranks in the local music scene. In January 2009 ...and he is us released their debut EP Pills, Pens and Paper to a solid crowd at the Pawn Shop in Edmonton. Featuring three tracks, their EP is just a taste of what this band is capable of. They are now getting ready to hit the studio again in February with plans to have another EP ready for their upcoming Western Canadian tour in May. Constantly working and evolving ...and he is us is ready for whatever is to come, taking it all straight, no chase.



Written By: ...and he is us

I’ll split my mind//Then I’ll split it twice/I spit on the lights /I spit it three times thrice/This placebo’s got nothing on me/I feel so/ so fresh so clean/and mean/This placebo’s got nothing on me/I feel so/So fresh so clean/And Mean/I got this pain inside of my head/Like a monster underneath my bed/I can’t feel feelings with you at my door/So just huff and puff and blow some more/Shut up/Who’s up for a sight to see/I can bring any man to his knees/I can do this all night/So just pay the fee to be with me/

Flintston's Chewable Morphine

Written By: ...and he is us

Box me in/Tie a string around my neck/Locks and kin/Fight em’ off with a cigarette/Smoke rings and candy canes/Enemies to dull the pain/Take these pills with pens and paper/Write this down if you’re gonna save her/You’re on the phone/But so far away baby/I’m all alone/You’re just a voice without a face/Fall out in my brain on the intercept/Fill the space and time I can’t get/

Lady Face

Written By: ...and he is us

feel my heart/ it beats nevermore/ still my mind/ it thinks only for/ a pain, a curse eternal name/ undead, hungry and insane/ my hand reaches ever more/ forever covered in open sores/ this game we play, we play for keeps/ I need to eat cause I eat to need // not dead but i'm just insane/ it's just a problem in my brain/ not dead but i'm not the same/ I can love but I've got no name // Half my life/ I spent making friends/ the other half/ I'll spend to no end/I see myself and see only pain/ I'd end my life/ if only to live again/ realize my place in this world/face the fact that I'm a modern girl/ I'm not afraid of my new way of life/ from dawn to dusk I wait for the night//


Pills, Pens & Paper (December 2008)
1) Flintstone's Chewable Morphine
2) Placebo
3) Exploration #5

Set List

All original songs. Our typical set ranges from 45 minutes to an hour long.

Enemies - ...and he is us
Flinstone's Chewable Morphine - ...and he is us
Big Love/Rock Joy - ...and he is us
Fight or Flight - ...and he is us
Roberta Sparrow - ...and he is us
Placebo - ...and he is us
Crossfade - ...and he is us
Exploration # 5 - ...and he is us
The Ballad of Tug Auston - ...and he is us
Failure - ...and he is us
Stromboli- ...and he is us
Le Conte's Thrasher- ...and he is us
Lady Face - ...and he is us