Andi Almqvist

Andi Almqvist

 Malmö, Skåne, SWE

Andi Almqvist is a remarkable songwriter and performer. He's got a big voice, perfect for his dark yet brilliant songs. He has toured with Woven Hands, Mark Lanegan & Isobel Campbell and others. He's made three critically acclaimed albums and toured all over Europe.


Andi Almqvist is a restless soul. This colors his music.

However, with his new record, he has found his way home. But then we must remember that home for Andi doesn't mean secure and well-known surroundings. His home ground is the beer-halls in Brno, the gypsy blocks of Krumlov, the all-night low dives along the autobahn in Germany, the bars and koffieshops in Amsterdam.

"Glimmer" reflects all this. Andi's earlier experiences of the American soil are still part of his baggage, but his European identity is stronger than ever, both in the lyrics and the music.

"Glimmer" is produced by Andi Almqvist and Carl Granberg. Together they have created a remarkable soundscape, that awakes the listener's curiosity and explorer's delight. The music defies without being pushy or uncomfortable.


Can't Stop Laughing (2005)
Red Room Stories (2007)
Glimmer (2009)

Set List

45-60 minutes of original songs