Andie Francoeur

Andie Francoeur


Enlightening, intelligent, and solid lyrics. Andie Francoeur's vocals are smooth and warm, her presence is very bright & outgoing. Fans compare Andie's voice to Fiona Apple and Natalie Merchant. Stop in, listen, and enjoy!


Andie Francoeur grew up in a small country town in eastern Washington, the eldest daughter of a classic rock/blues artist. For sixteen years, she trained as a classical pianist and vocalist under the tutelage of Preta Laughlin and Cris Youngberg. Andie augmented her skills by performing in musicals, select choirs, and state Solo and Ensemble competitions. Upon graduation, she moved to Seattle and began a solo music career, performing regularly in singer-songwriter showcases, all the while building a repertoire that would eventually culminate in her 8 song debut, “Morning Light.” In 2005, Andie teamed up with producer/auteur Jazno (from Mercymachine), armed with her trusty American Standard Telecaster and vintage Kremlin Bros. upright piano. “Morning Light” was mastered by Grammy award winner Bob Katz at Digital Domain. A few noteworthy venues where Andie has performed in 2007-8: Musicquarium Lounge at the Triple Door, Rendezvous Jewel Box Theater, Solo Bar, Christoff Gallery, Conor Byrne, EMP’s Liquid Lounge, St. Clouds, Seattle Glassblowing Studio, Columbia City Theater, and Q Cafe. “Morning Light” is now available at and will soon be available for purchase at Enjoy!


Morning Light

Written By: Andi Francoeur

Morning light woke me up instead of you
Made myself a promise not to care
Stranger things have happened, yes I know
Never did they drive me down this low

You came wrapped up in a big red ribbon
At the chinese gift exchange one year
Said I'd never trade you in for anything
Said I wouldn't open you at all

Dreamt I woke up next to you in silence
Early birds were singing in the trees
Shadows danced upon your shoulders
Branches swaying lightly in the breezeh
Dreamt you held on tighter toward the end
Coming down from you in silence, coming down

Winter's only half way 'round the bend
I already feel the icy chill
Wheels are spinning down a vacant alley-way
Our breath is forming patterns on the window pane

Pure white stars that drift through slow
Then fade away before we know
How many more occasions will we save this
How many more occasions will we save this, save it for, another day
I won't save it for another day
You won't have it any other way

copyright-Andie Francoeur, 2007


2008 - Andie Francoeur "Morning Light" - full length debut album

Set List

Original songs only. Eight to ten songs total 45 minute live set.

1. Fallen Out
2. Tears I Did Not Cry
3. Cloud Number 9
4. Love Song
5. Nothing
6. Morning Light
7. Ordinary Romance
8. These Thoughts