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Andi Gallaher - singer songwriter musician, modern contemporary style. Stories with a message and Music with a meaning.


Born into a musical family, Andi Gallaher has lived and breathed music and performance all her life.
Originally trained at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, studying Piano, Flute and majoring in Voice, she took her strong foundations and stepped out into the commercial world of show business to achieve great successes.
A respected Musician, Singer, Actress, Songwriter, Studio Technician & Coach, Andi continues to entertain and impress her musical hand print on every project she undertakes.
Performing live with an 80 piece orchestra has to be Andi's most highlighted experience in show business thus far, also achieving a recording deal with John Farnham's manager Glen Wheatley from the Wheatley Organisation, for her original composition of "Good Friends", she has produced and recorded her own full album employing live musicians, personally stylising covers and many of her originals and has recorded for Sony Music Australia with a full studio orchestra.
Andi has recently been awarded one of the top winners in the Ballad Category of the Australian Songwriters Festival 2009 with her original composition "The Story of You".
Andi is an accomplished singer and pianist as well as being an experienced professional touring music theatre performer, known for her performances as one of the original members of the famous 60's style girl group - "The Fabulous Singlettes", appearing in musicals such as "The Pirates of Penzance", "The Mikado" and "HMS Pinafore", to playing the leading role of 'Philia' in the Australia/New Zealand professional production of "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum" and starring as the leading lady in the QPAC production of "The Merry Widow".
Andi continues to perform shows and run her own boutique studio in Currumbin, VOX studio - coaching Voice and Performance and engineering her recording suite.
Drawing from the many talents accumulated, she inspires and coaches young and old singers and professional musicians alike, with her range and depth of instinctive interpretation, elaborating on the strengths and talents nurtured from years walking the boards and absorbing the spotlight on stage.
A highly regarded private vocal & performance coach, Andi carries an abundance of exceptional talent with this incredible performer offering an enormous versatility of music styles, range and atmospheres, making her one of our highly respected and exciting professional entertainers.
Career Experience -
Professional and Competitive Choirs, Lead Singer to Pop and Jazz Bands, Studio Session Singer, National and International Piano Vocalist, Professional Actress, Touring Music Theatre, National and International Cabaret Performer, Song Writing, Music Production and Audio Engineering, Television, Voice and Stage Craft Coach.

National & International Performances -
Hobart and Launceston Casino’s Tasmania, Hyatt Regency Singapore, Major Club circuit Sydney, Star City Casino Sydney, Aotea Centre & St. James Theatre Auckland, Victorian Arts Centre Melbourne, Adelaide Festival Centre, Gold Coast Arts Centre, The State Theatre Sydney, Her Majestys Theatre Melbourne, His Majestys Theatre Perth, Twin Towns qld/nsw, Seagulls nsw, QPAC Lyric Theatre Brisbane, Conrad Jupiters Showroom Gold Coast and International Cruise Ships.
Andi has also performed alongside artists such as -
Jackie Love, Jon English, Wickety Wak, Gerry Connolly, The Deltones, Geraldine Turner, Amanda Muggleton, Max Bygraves, John Bowls, Peter Couples, Digger Revell and of course Simon Gallaher staging many successful concerts throughout Australia together and 'HRH' Her Majesty The Queen.
National television appearances have included -
The Midday Show with Ray Martin, The Young Achievers Awards, Goodmorning Australia Melbourne, Carols by Candlelight, Good Morning Australia Brisbane, Bert Newton Show and many more .



Written By: Andi Gallaher


Copyright Andi Gallaher 2010

And so the story goes, of fairy dust and tales
That little white bird found Sir J.M. Barrie penned
Just take my hand lets fly, to an awfully big adventure

A soul afraid of capture to be mortal like man
Refusing to grow older …………..
Taking flight to the island of never never land

I’ve lived the life of Peter Pan
Travelling far across these lands
Sailing the seas through pirate sands
Mapping my path……. To never land

And so the story goes from Lleweln-Davies mould
The pirate battles told of a ticking crocodile that took
That Captain with a hook, the mischief never ends

A soul on an eternal adventure to recapture
His very own lost shadow, with Wendy by his side
Second star to the left and straight on till morning


So Tinkerbell took flight over time travel clouds
Filled with Faith, Trust and Pixi Dust
Flying to imagination through woods where the
Lost boys gather and they all … sing in time.



Written By: Andi Gallaher


Where’s the world today, when we’d laugh & say
We’ll be friends and stay, forever in this place we’ll play

It was 1969 nothing filled our minds
The world stopped in its tracks
Watching black & white shots of some men, walk on the moon

And the leaves fell with rain into rivers and drains
We’d run up and down, just to start again,
our best, boat racing game.

When the ice-cream van played tunes that ran
Through the streets and we’d run chasing echo’s with a,
…. A Five cent piece in hand

When did everyone forget to step outside into the sun, into the fantasy of make believe that’s waiting everyday and just be

Where’s the world today, when we’d laugh & say
We’ll be friends and stay, forever in this place we’ll play

Remember the whistle blow when the postman would show or the day the radio told the people round the world that the
…. ‘King’ was dead !

When the only thing that mattered was to ride the hills
on my bicycle with wings, my best friend at my heels shouting
‘Faster Miss Gabor’ !

Lying flat in a field every eye open wide watching planes writing high sky messages I believed were just for me.



Written By: Andi Gallaher

no matter what
copyright andi gallaher 2008

You feel my love for you is not real
and feel someone is gonna steal
the very heart beneath your feet
mmm that burns for you with one rhythmical beat

You say your heart feels something numb
and sometimes makes you want to run
then shout your soul has never felt
oooh such desire such an overwhelming melt

no matter what no matter where
no matter how deep you despair
through every up through every down
i will be there
no matter what no matter where
no matter how deep you despair
through every up ev-er-y down
i will be there

futures read in crystal balls
oh can not always tell it all
yet only you and I as one
create the path of where we’ve come and gone

Only time and time alone
reveals what is cast in stone
but what is carved in stone alone
are only words of a half written song

CHORUS + 1/2


Written By: Andi Gallaher

Copyright Andi Gallaher 2008

Once upon, upon a time in a place
lived a dream in my mind
which became a living hope
the greatest wish of all time
a fairytale, fantasy, my own reality
like a ship out to sea, drifting endlessly

I am all i am for one
one reason all alone
your story in my song
you are everything i am
everything i've become
my history in song - the story of you

you taught me love, taught me light
knowingly how to see through the night
showed me stars i'd never seen
shining right in my face
how to laugh, how to cry,
patiently how to travel with pride by my side
never to forget


… Instrumental …


Once upon, upon a time in a place
lived a dream in my mind
which became a living hope
the greatest gift of all time.


Written By: Andi Gallaher

Copyright Andi Gallaher 2008

Time is a torturer steeling the part
that hungers within this insatiable heart
Feeding memory in just a touch
fulfilling her for the time

verse 2
And I dont have words that could tell you enough
enough words to leave an indelible mark
unending music to sing to the soul
a melody played in the dark

But if I caught the moon in a moment
I’d wrap it in gold and sweet sentiment
send it priority straight to your heart
I’d skip through the trail of her moondust
follow her glow on the waters edge
swim through reflections that fall in your eyes

verse 3
and Time is a torturer steeling the part
that hungers within this insatiable heart
not enough words to leave an indelible mark
a melody played in the dark


Now if only you could see into
the song written in your smile
and if only I could show you why
I have wings to fly

CHORUS + 1/2