Andi Neate

Andi Neate


"A blend of folk, jazz and strong female songwriting, intimate, atmospheric, and magical"


Andi is an expressive performer, with a gift for melody, memorable hooks and delightfully offbeat lyrics. Her voice ranges from powerhouse to wistful sweetness; her music style covering folk, rock and jazz... and a touch of gospel on Shine.

She has been described as “angel-voiced” and “street tough” and compared with Suzanne Vega, Ani Difranco and the Cranberries. Her appearance is a mixture of confidence and vulnerability - from the trademark tattoos writhing round her right arm to the tumbling mass of dark hair to her sometimes stocking soles when performing. Her childhood on a remote west coast island encouraged her natural affinity with nature, and the strong sense of independence which led her to building her own house – brick by brick - and which has taken her and her music round the world.

Andi has performed as far afield as Canada, Tblisi, Sicilly and the Falkland Islands as well as making regular appearances at Prague, Glastonbury, Wickerman and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals. She was one of the winners of Burnsong Gathering (2007), the national competition to find and promote the best new songwriting talent in Scotland. The song which won her that place – Home – is one of the new studio recordings on this CD and eloquently expresses the bitter-sweet contradictions of the place you come from.

ISSA winner 2009
Burnsong winner 2007



Written By: Andi Neate

Home, Home my endless search,
My helpless heart, my naive words,
The day has come to end this curse,
Each lesson conquered is one more verse,
Home, I wear you under my skin,
Sometimes a scar, so faded and thin,
My own front door,
Enticing us in, to the grown up world about to win.
Home you have carried me, carried me this far,
So windswept and world weary in the search for what you are,
The love that shines, the light that blinds and the heart that pulls us free,
Home you are everything in me,
Every sun that sets on a brand new day,
New beginnings that seem to stay and stay,
Friends and lovers that pass on the way,
And a soft kiss, a memory-full trade,
There’s nothing like time to make you feel old,
Memories pass, hot then to cold,
Seems like I’ve been letting them go,
Now that I’ve grown,
Welcome home, back from the race,
Welcome home, to you and your latest face,
Did you run, did you hide,
Take the world out in your stride,
Did you feign did you fake?
Find the right place,

Home you have carried me, carried me this far,
So windswept and world weary in the search for what you are,
The love that shines, the light that blinds and the heart that pulls us free,
Home you are everything in me.
In me,
In me,

Witch's Cat

Written By: Andi Neate and Joe Bennet

Witch’s Cat
Verse 1
Daylight brought me down the stairs
To find you sleeping on the chair
(With) one eye open fast asleep
Counting sheep
Verse 2
Last night you sang a magic tune
In the shadows of the moon
Tiger burning in the night
With second sight

Black tail, Green eyes, White paws, nine lives
Won't tell, your spell, to anyone

Verse 3
You guide the stars into the dawn
Watching, waiting for the sun
(The) clouds are racing through the sky
Marking time

Oooh, Witch's cat
Wish I could live like that
Silent and free / I want to be
The witch's cat

Verse 4
And now you dream of things to come
The spinning wheel forever spun
Chasing mice and climbing trees
Do as you please?


Written By: Andi Neate and Joe Bennet


I’m gonna shine, through the clouds,
Feeling the air, lifting me now
Touching the light, that can never go out,
Gotta shine, so let me shine,

Hold my hand through the cold of the night
Warm my face with the gold sunlight
Send me a flame and let it burn bright
Gotta see, so let me see

Build me a boat, teach me to row
Send me a river and let it flow
Follow the wind wherever it blows
Gotta sail, so let me sail

Show me the rain, feeding the land,
Show me the way with a guiding hand
Believe I can do, all that I can
Gotta fly, so let me fly


1st album - Icarus (2000)
2nd album - Flutter-by(2002)
3rd album- Paper Animals (2005)
4th album- Lion Taming for Astronauts (2007)
including ' Home' winner of Burnsong competition 2007
5th album- Crows, Rooks and Ravens-2009

Set List

Nearly all original material, with a variety of songs to choose from. Happy to play up to 2 x 45min sets- solo or with band, including accapella tracks. Also happy to put together sets to suit occassion if enough advanced warning.