Andi Starr

Andi Starr

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Alt/Indie/Melodic-driven Rock. Starr combines life’s heartfelt miseries with ethereal music, and a clear, beautiful, whispered nymphlike voice that is to die for!
-Tony, TSM/SLW Promotion, UK


Andi Starr, with 2 r's (yes, her real name), a PK, identical twin, a classically-trained pianist, a singer, a multi-instrument songwriter, a dreamer, a lover of strong coffee, dark chocolate, lavender baths, & the ocean. Sensitive, goofy, deep, sensual, quirky, intuitive, poetic and sometimes dramatic. A strong believer that we most impact others (and change the world) by doing what we love.

After breaking free from her religion, Starr picked up a $100 classical guitar to make sense of the backlash from family, church and friends. Over a decade and six albums later, the resulting music reflects not only the ambiance and dynamics of her classical upbringing but has garnered comparisons at times between The Cranberries, early Jewel, and Tori Amos. As a traveler of the inner world, Starr’s particular gift is in turning difficult subject matter into heartfelt, sometimes haunting, and always beautiful compositions. Culturespill Magazine states: “Andi Starr hits the right notes: the notes that hurt, the notes that know you, the notes that make you meet yourself.”

But it wasn’t always easy. Starr battled debilitating stage fright in the beginning years, so that at times, she couldn’t play her guitar because her hands were shaking so badly. In fact, ever since she was a young girl, she was terribly shy, afraid to even raise her hand in class. "I would turn red, blush, feel like a complete idiot if I was called on. I just didn't understand how it could be so easy for others to speak up,” says Starr. To be seen, to be made visible was terrifying for her. However, when she got to grad school, she was assigned a creative project, and at this time she knew she had to get what was inside her out, and that was where she publicly began sharing her songs—pressing play on her disc player, shaking and hiding behind the podium as her classmates responded to her voice with overwhelming awe.

Her latest release is 'The World Will Follow'. In late 2009, Starr went back into the studio to make her most electrifying album to date. Slotted for release in early Sept. 2011, 'The World Will Follow' is Starr’s sixth album (and third studio release). When in the early production phase, Starr sat down with her long-time collaborator and co-producer, S. Asher Sund, to talk about the vision. Wanting to deconstruct the “girl and her guitar” singer/songwriter image, the idea was to introduce the new, “electric” Starr, and especially to recover some lost sounds and influences from her childhood, particularly from bands like The Cure and Depeche Mode. Towards that end, she has received some co-production help from Jesse Seibenberg (of Supertramp) in Los Angeles and Jordan Richter (Sixpence None the Richer, Jars of Clay) from Portland, Oregon. After its release in May 2010, the first single from this album, “Little Bird,” sat for several months at the top of the ReverbNation charts for California.

The mid-2000's in Portland (Andi's hometown) was an exciting time to make music. It was Seattle's new backyard according to music writer Barbara Mitchell. Bands like The Decemberists, Shins, Death Cab for Cutie, Sleater-Kinney and many others either called Portland their home or had close musical ties with the town. In fact, Starr recorded a couple of her songs on Elliot Smith's piano during the making of 'Leaving the White Line' with seasoned indie producer, Larry Crane (Elliott Smith, Cat Power, Sleater-Kinney). This album garnered immediate regional and national attention. Along with a featured article on the front page of The Oregonian’s Living section (January 26, 2007), Starr was twice featured on Portland, Oregon’s KINK (101.9 FM) radio show, Local Music Spotlight. Additionally, KMTT (103.7 FM, The Mountain) in Seattle featured Starr on their Chill Program and Sunday Brunch Program and chose “Save Yourself,” the second track on the album, for their New Music Sampler (10,000 distribution).

In 2007, after a regional summer tour in support of her radio campaign and release of 'Leaving the White Line', Starr packed up all her belongings in her van (with a partner and a cat) and headed to southern California where she has spent the last few years diving deeper into her craft and working diligently with industry professionals to create, record and produce her sixth album, "The World Will Follow".

Because Starr loves to express emotion through sound as she travels the complexities and joys of life. Because there is a need for artists to tell it how it is -- to not just entertain, but to also challenge, awaken, and inspire others. Because music is the vibration of change.

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The World Will Follow (11 song LP – projected release April 2011)

* “Little Bird,” the first single, has spent several months at the top of the ReverbNation charts for alternative artists in California

New Warm Wo


LP: The World Will Follow (2011)
LP: New Warm World (2009)
LP: Leaving the White Line (2007)
EP: Supergirl (2005)
LP: Me Beautiful (2004)
LP: American Doll (2002)

Set List

FULL BAND: 2 solid hours of original material, with select covers.

1. The World Will Follow
2. Little Bird
3. Already Gold
4. A Song That Never Dies
5. Delilah's Response
6. El Amor (A Song for Sylvia)
7. Fake Plastic Trees (Radiohead Cover)
8. Happy Ballad
9. Honey Bee Song
10. All that Is You
11. Clouds
12. Missing You

1. Leaving the White Line
2. Save Yourself
3. Open Spaces
4. Rebel Sky
5. Sing My Song
6. Driving for the Sun
7. Time After Time (cover)
8. Save Yourself
9. You Will See
10. Supergirl
11. American Doll
12. Take Me Down