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And I've Landed

Beaverton, Oregon, United States

Beaverton, Oregon, United States
Band Alternative Pop


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"Scene Greg's Band of the Month"

Portland is blessed with a lot of talented musicians and artists and we've been very fortunate enough to come into contact with these gentlemen. Absolute professionals who have a true sense of the music they create. We love the goals they strive for, how they support the local scene and their fun shows which incorporate local music, friendship and good times! - Scene Greg

"Daily Vanguard"

Landing Gear: Local rockers And I've Landed get a running start

Published: Tuesday, March 3, 2009

To make music and to make it in the music industry are, though related, two entirely different pursuits. Less than a year ago, Airto Zamorano, who recently spoke with the Vanguard, began piecing together a pop rock band with a savvy understanding of what it would take to make his ambitions a reality.

“I really went for the recording,” he says. “I started looking for people to help me put it all into one cohesive piece.”

His method of choice? Advertising through local news listings.

“I saw a lot of people,” says Zamorano. “I was very picky. I’m serious about what I’m doing, I work really hard, and I just don’t have the tolerance or patience to work with someone who’s not ambitious or easy to work with.”

After weeding through Portland’s vast catalog of individuals who treat band membership as a fashion statement, with a special eye for talent, thick skin and determination, Zamorano put together the official roster for “And I’ve Landed.”

In addition to lead vocals, former PSU student Zamorano lends rhythm guitar and keys. Seth Pioske took on lead guitar and backup vocals, and Garrett Jorewicz plays percussion. And I’ve Landed also recognizes a few “auxiliary band members” for their ever expanding live set; Tony Zamorano, Noah Hammarlund and Jose Peña.

As they began performing, Zamorano made it clear that this band was not a side project.

“We’re not doing this just for a hobby,” Zamorano says. “We’re going to do what we can do.”

These efforts are beginning to reap results. And I’ve Landed has been featured multiple times on the international Internet radio show, Fame Game. A panel of prominent producers, DJs and reviewers has made the band somewhat of a favorite.

Zamorano sees the recognition as a product of their style.

“Our [submitted] song is really mellow, it’s got a good range of emotion, which is really our sound,” he says.

The band also exudes a refreshing self-awareness rarely seen within the first year of development. They hold a respect for labeling and presenting themselves in an accurate, appealing way—a marketing ability that sometimes separates great local bands from nationally recognized acts. It is often far more beneficial to perfect a niche than to provide a mediocre attempt to please eardrums of varied inclinations.

“Alternative pop rock is kind of our thing,” Zamorano says. “I liken our sound to Coldplay and OneRepublic, so I think that’s fair, just based on vocal stylings and instrumentation.”

Zamorano recognizes the limitations that overspreading oneself can have, and the band’s sound reflects that accordingly. Their music is clean and crisp while remaining refreshingly under-processed. Clearly, they chose their art and their palette, and perfected it.

“You don’t do everything,” Zamorano says. “You do one thing.”

And that one thing for their debut album was to analyze love in all of its forms. Each song personifies an aspect of romantic, familial, platonic or even interspecies love. The anticipation, the sacrifice, the vulnerability, the conflict, loss and the dire differences between gender roles—it’s all there. The songs are rounded out with a serenade to Lucia, Zamorano’s Australian shepherd.

Perhaps most meaningful and jarring is the last track of the album, “Fin,” which is based off of a poem written by the father of Zamorano’s recently deceased friend and musical supporter.

“All the songs have a story,” Zamorano says, “that’s why we called it Love Story.”

The CD Release party for And I’ve Landed’s debut is fast approaching, and Zamorano wasted no effort,and accepted no shortcomings in presenting as epic a show as possible.

“I want a big stage,” he says. “I want a stadium. I’ve got that melodramatic brain, I want it to be grand with lights and fog.”

He’s wielded his inspiring idealism and power of persistency well. In addition to headlining the Hawthorne Theatre on a coveted Friday night, he scheduled a comedian to host, and DJ Afro Q Ben to lead the after party.

Zamorano explains how, despite a fairly new name and minimal experience, And I’ve Landed refused to settle for a Thursday night with ill-suited openers.

“In the end, [Hawthorne Theatre] let me pick the bands, the format, the time, the amount,” he says. “So the one thing is, if I don’t get bodies out I’m going to look pretty crappy.”

Ambitions aside, the band’s sound is full bodied and worthy of the recognition they seek. The vocals are powerful, the music is original and well executed, and the hooks will get effectively caught on repeat in your head.

Each song could be featured on a different CW show, if not for its mass appeal, then for its emotionally charged undertones and ease of listening. Though grounded by nature and self-determination, don’t expect them to stay still for long.
-- - Stephanie Fine Sasse

"ABC Radio's Fame Games"

“I think they are a very talented band; it’s just a matter of time!”
-Live Broadcast, 02.26.09 - Sid Olivera

"ABC Radio's Fame Games"

"... a lot of talent here and a good band!"
-Live Broadcast, 02.26.09 - Paul Sedkowski

"ABC Radio's Fame Games"

March 2, 2009

"Dear And I've Landed,

Your song ´´Katydid´´ has been selected by Sid [Olivera] as one of his all-time favorites on Fame Games in our front-page section called ´´Fame Games DJ´s Picks.´´ Very well done!"

- Sid Olivera

"ABC Radio's Fame Games"

“This is unique and it needs to be on the radio; it’s good for people’s musical health!” - DJ Krier

"Album Review by Steve Amoia"

"A Love Story" by And I've Landed
Review by Steve Amoia

A Love Story

Their inaugural CD, "A Love Story," contains nine tracks that were recorded and produced by Airto in his own studio. All of the accompanying mixes were compiled by Kyle Lockwood at Setec Studios.

"Emotionally Detached" features crisp vocals, along with resonant instrumentals, in a balanced fashion.

"Katydid" has a slower cadence and beat with a more personal lyrical message.

"The Simple Truth" demonstrates the vocal range of Airto with a corresponding complement of guitar and drumwork.

"Closer" focuses more on the instrumentals with vocals taking a secondary, yet strong, role.

"Lucia Real" is a brief yet powerful instrumental interlude.

"Don't Back Down" is mostly instrumental with an economy of vocals.

"A Troubled Kiss" is another balanced piece in their repetoire.

"Find Me Morrow" highlights the vocal and instrumental range in a diverse fashion.

"Fin" is a tribute to a friend of Airto. In my opinion, it is the most striking track on this CD.

Clear the Runway

This first CD represents a powerful take-off on the Indie musical scene for And I've Landed.

Crisp yet powerful vocal ranges and lyrics, superb guitar and drum work, along with a uniquely packaged presentation.

There is no doubt that "A Love Story" will be the first of many successful projects for this interesting group.

Review by Steve Amoia ( <> ) -

"ABC Radio's Fame Games "Can You Top This?""

Feb 17 2009

And I've Landed was featured on´´Can You Top This?´´ for their song, Katydid. - Fame Games


A Love Story (debut album)

Katydid (track 2) has been featured on ABC Radio's Fame Games Main Show and KPSU College Radio.

The Simple Truth (track 3) has also been featured on ABC Radio's Fame Games Main Show and KDUP College Radio.

Fin (track 9) has been featured on KPSU College Radio.

Other Works
Song: Tres Generaciones featured on Bossa Nouveau's album, You're Not the Bossa Me. Song was aired nationally on a PBS Special, Nuestra Familia.



We are a band out of Portland, OR and we go by the name, And I've Landed. Airto (eye-ear-toe) sings, plays guitar and keys; Tony sings and plays percussion/drums; Jesse plays lead guitar and Josh rocks the drums.

As a band we have played Warped Tour, had music featured on a PBS special called "Nuestra Familia" and released an album in 2009 called “A Love Story.”
While our debut album explores various aspects of Alternative Pop Rock, we are currently in studio preparing a new album which will feature more dance and hip hop influences. It's due in early 2010 so start saving that pocket change!