An Dochas and the Irish Haran Dancers

An Dochas and the Irish Haran Dancers


Electrifying Irish music and dance. A great blend of traditional dance meeting a progressive Irish/world rock sound. The show includes rowdy sing along pub songs, moving ballads and fast paced jigs and reels accompanying hard hitting Irish step dancing. Picture Riverdance meets a rock concert.


An Dochas, Irish for “The Hope,” is a young Irish band with cross-cultural influences, presenting traditional Irish music fused with the energy of Rock and the versatility of folk. A driving rhythm section of guitar, bass, and drums supports traditional instruments including the Uilleann pipes, whistles, Bodhran, and fiddle. The band incorporates moving ballads as well as rowdy, comical vocals into their sets creating an emotionally dynamic performance to accompany explosive Irish step dancing.
The Haran Irish Dancers have been performing for over a decade in America, Austria, and Japan, and have had multiple appearances at the Irish Step Dancing World Championships.
Together, An Dochas and the Haran Irish Dancers have performed to sold-out audiences throughout the U.S. An Dochas’ 2006 release, Dragonfly Redux, was awarded Celtic Instrumental Album of the Year by Just Plain Folks Worldwide Music Awards and the group is currently in the studio recording their second album.


Dragonfly Redux - LP 2006 Won Independent Celtic Instrumental Album 2006 JPF worldwide music awards (fetured on NPR's Thistle and Shamrock, Radio
What'll Ya Have?-EP 2006
Beginnings-DVD 2006

Set List

We do two 45min sets consisting of half dancing and half songs. Most songs are traditional Irish Pub songs and Ballads. We throw in an Irish version of a popular cover here and there. We space our songs and dances in such a way that the audience experiences a wide span of emotions throughout one set. We like to build up a lot of energy and then take it to a calmer place and finish with a hard hitting dance that leaves them at the edge of their seats.