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Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States | INDIE | AFTRA

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States | INDIE | AFTRA
Band Americana Singer/Songwriter


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"Exploring Andra Suchy"

First of all, I have to admit that I like really good singers. Not just any singer but a really good one. I think that a good voice can relay so much emotion that it is impossible for anyone to deny the beauty of it. There are so many vocalists that can certainly go through the motions but the good ones… well, you know from the first note that they can really sing. The power, poise, pitch and performance can make even the untrained ear sit up and listen and extract all the emotions that are encompassed in a song. In this era of pretty faces, posed personas, unmerited egos and polished facades that seem to rule the day, I long for someone that can really sing.

Enter Andra Suchy.

Andra has released her debut album, “Patchwork Story,” a collection of songs written by her and her husband Andrew Pierzina and backed by some fabulous players. It is a fantastic recording that, even with the great musicianship that is on display, allows her fabulous voice to shine. From the first chord of her song, “Little Things,” I was taken in. When she started singing I sat back in my chair and thought, wow, a really good singer. Her pitch, power, poise, and soul reminded me of Lucinda Williams and Sheryl Crow so much that I immediately wanted to listen to the whole record in a single sitting. As the record played on, I was not only taken by her voice but her clever lyrics that occasionally rhymed and the seemingly impeccable delivery of the songs. It is an insightful record running the gamut of country, folk, bluegrass and soul.

Andra was born and raised near Mandan, ND and grew up in a family of musicians. She calls her father, Chuck, more of an inspiration than an influence, yet being surrounded by music likely led her down the road she now travels. Her father, her brother Ben, and now her, have a name that must surely, or soon will, strike a chord with so many. When she was younger, she traveled to folk festivals to perform with her family, studied voice in high school and performed in musicals. She started playing in local bands around Mandan and Fargo, eventually winding up in the Twin Cities around 1996. There she has continued in the music business being, as she says, fortunate enough to work with musicians she admired and now works with on a regular basis.

Personally, I’m not certain that fortune had anything to do with it. It’s been a busy life filled with hard work and, obviously, that has led her to where she now stands. When I quizzed about her future plans she says she continues to work hard knowing that the hard work will open doors for her. They may not always be the doors that you thought would open but, doors have opened. From her commercial internet music business to one of the several bands she plays in to her moonlighting nanny gig, she keeps going. It has led her to Garrison Keillor, Dave Pirner, Jonny Lang, The Honeydogs, The Dolly’s, Emmylou Harris and Brad Paisley. It also helped her garner nominations for Minnesota’s best female vocalist in 2004, 2005, and 2006.

She continues to do the Prairie Home Companion Show, is in the process of making a new record, and watching her commercial music business grow slowly yet steadily. She believes that if you work hard you will be rewarded and in speaking with her I have no doubt of her work ethic and the rewards that she will reap. This is a charming and upbeat woman to talk to and, when you do, you can feel the energy and excitement that she undoubtedly brings to her performances. And man can she sing! She can really sing.
- High Plains Reader

"Folk Label Red House Signs ND Native Andra Suchy"

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Red House Records has signed singer Andra Suchy to its roster and added her to the lineup for a Minnesota summer music festival.

Suchy is a North Dakota native who now lives in Minneapolis. She’s a regular performer on Garrison Keillor’s “A Prairie Home Companion.”

Suchy is working on her second solo album, “Little Heart,” for St. Paul-based Red House.

She’ll kick off the folk label’s third annual summer festival on Aug. 6 at Hobgoblin Music’s Outdoor Amphitheater in Red Wing. This year’s Red House Barnfest also includes performances by The Pines, Pat Donohue, Meg Hutchinson, Romantica, Dave Moore, Claudia Schmidt and The Roe Family Singers.

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"Artists We Love"

Andra Suchy: Because she’s got big red hair and pipes to match. And, on A Prairie Home Companion, she can sing a cowboy song that makes us ache for the saddle. • 9.29: Newly signed to Red House Records, Suchy brings her twangy folk-pop sound to the Aster Café. - Minnesota Monthly

"Rift 36 Hour Songwriting contest # 3"

Andra Suchy (back up singer for the Honeydogs) and guitar player Andrew Pierzina wowed audiences with a well-written, radio-ready song about taking the train to Chicago, and Suchy's vocal range and abilities surpassed all of the other performers. It was great to see the songwriters take on different forms of public transportation, as the whole bus theme started to get old fast.


""Soaring, sensitive belting tunes.""

Minneapolis resident Suchy was nominated for the Minnesota Music Academy "Female Vocalist of the Year" award three years running in 2004, 2005 and 2006 and it's easy to see why. She has a voice that both soars - helped by her early classical training - and roars and she sure can belt out a tune!

This, her debut album, takes her from a 70's rock and R&B covers singer in local bars onto a bigger stage. Obviously a good training ground.

From the rocky opener 'Little Things' through the even rockier 'Spent, and traversing country feelings with some fiddle on 'Patchwork Story' this album makes a statement. And all within the first three songs. By the time it gets to my favourite 'Estelline' (track seven), which unlike the other songs on this cd (which are all co-written by Suchy and Andrew Peirzina), was written by her father, she's got you hooked.

'Fall Away', 'Lucy', 'Summer Night' and 'Right Here' display Suchy's calmer side and show that she can do sensitive as well as rocky. Sometimes in the same song as per 'Lucy'.An album of three thirds. The first is harder edged, the second softer and mellower and the third a combination of it all. The CD finishes with 'Better Me' which more than adequately sums up her approach to this entire album. Sensitive, soaring and occasionally belting it out. A great finish to a very accomplished album.


"Review of "Patchwork Story""

I original contacted Andra through myspace about broadcasting one of her live shows, because she was promoting one of her local gig in the U.S. she sent me her latest album because she didn't have any live recordings.
She is not signed ( why not?). You get that nice warm feeling when you listen to it.
10 songs, superb music worthy of commercial success, Relaxed rock / country / folk.
Andra has got a folk / country background, from a musican family upbringing, very nice long journey up load with the top down on the car music.
Acoustic / Electric acoustic rock, mellow great vocals by Andra, nice clean lyrics, words influenced from where she come from a growing up and her musical travels with her family.
Little Things introduces you to the Andra Suchy sound and flows through the rest of the album. Lucy is a more agressive guitar flowing through then mellows in the chorus. Right here is the song with most country influences with nice overlayed vocals.
Estilline, would sit well on a western film score. Summernight, only song with more of folk/tribal drum style. more emotion is evident, amazing song. Better Me the last song on the album leaves you wanting more.
Produceer by Andrew Pierzine who also runs the studio where they record and also in the band. Not a demo, profesionally produced CD. - CMR Magazine

""Got Music?""

IAC SONG COMMENTS (DEAD famous compilation Vol. 4) "Got Music? -- At a point in time where I'm getting pickier about what I choose for this site, I find this well-crafted, well-produced, and well-performed outing from Ms. Suchy, who finds her tune part of the DEAD Famous collection. With a voice that floats gloriously over the chorus, she certainly deserves to be more famous than dead (or dead and famous). Great attention to detail, enough to keep the listener busy for more than one spin, and thankfully not overproduced like many of the songs that were issued at the same moment on IAC - Artists Community

"Article in Rift Magazine issue 17"

Andra Suchy
by Brandon Broxey

Singer Andra Suchy moved to the Twin Cities from North Dakota in 1996 and since her arrival, Suchy's powerful, crystal-clear voice has been heard on albums by Soul Asylum, the Honeydogs, Billy Johnson's Roadshow and many more.

She makes weekly appearances with The Dollys at Stasiu's on Tuesdays and with Hookers and Blow on Thursday nights at Gluek's; she also lends her vocals to commercial work.
In the midst of the madness, Suchy found time to record her debut solo album, "Patchwork Story," due to be released August 18, 2006.

Suchy talked with Rift and offered a few insights into the upcoming album, the Thompson Twins and impersonating an 8-year-old boy.

Rift: What kind of sound can we expect from "Patchwork Story?"
Andra Suchy: This is always a hard question. I would say "Patchwork Story" revolves around the realm of organic, rootsy Americana rock with variances among different songs.

Rift: Which, if any, bands or artists directly inspired the album or your appreciation for music?
AS: There are a lot of inspirations for the way we wanted the album to sound, as well as songwriting influences, but I think that happens naturally. We talked about some specific albums we loved the sound of, or why we loved them, and kept that in mind throughout the process, but I wouldn't say we were exactly emulating anyone in particular.

Rift: You've played with just about every established musician in the Twin Cities area. Will any of them be making an appearance on "Patchwork Story?"
AS: I am totally knocked out by the musicians on my album, as well as everyone I play with live. It is humbling and a great honor. But that didn't really answer the question. Yes.

Rift: How long have you been working on your album and where did you record it?
AS: I think we did the first song demo about four years ago. We recorded the drums, piano and organ at "Splice Hear" and "It's A Secret" with David J. Russ as engineer. He's been an amazing catalyst. Andrew Pierzina did pretty much the rest at our home studio,

Rift: How do you market or promote an album?
AS: I am hoping to work with New Artist Direct and Tinderbox for radio and distribution. They've come highly recommended and work very hard for their artists. Of course live shows help, but having outside professional help is almost necessary when it comes to cracking unfamiliar audiences and getting your music in the stores and on the radio.

Rift: What are some of your favorite Twin Cities venues to play at and why?
AS: Hmm ... this is hard. First Avenue is an amazing place to play. I love the vibe at Mayslack's. The Fine Line has wonderful sound. Stasiu's is a new cool music bar. Gluek's has been a great place to play. Bunker's has good sound as well. I am forgetting a lot, but these come to mind right away.

Rift: Tell us about your experiences doing commercial jingles.
AS: I love doing jingles. It has taught me to leave my self-consciousness at the door and realize I'm there for the job and not to worry about looking ridiculous. You can't dwell on whether you'll get the job or you'll go crazy wondering what you did wrong. Sessions can take 15 minutes or all day, they're all different and yes, there are some strange ones. We don't need to get too far into that. There's an educational Web site for young girls called I recently did that was pretty fun. Oh, and once I did the voice of an 8-year-old boy for a Rugrats movie promo. That was a weird one.

Rift: You've recently created The Dollys. Who else is in the band and what has that experience been like?
AS: Actually, Kari Shaw is the creator of The Dollys. It is sooo choice. I get to sing with Kari Shaw and Joanna Jahn. Trent Norton plays bass, Joe Savage plays pedal steel, dobro, lap slide and banjo, Peter J. Sands plays keys and Andrew Pierzina plays guitar. We do a lot of fun country music covers from Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris.

Rift: What are your three desert island albums?
AS: Oh Lord, that's impossible.

Rift: What was the first album you ever bought?
AS: Well, my folks had quite a few albums I loved – Linda Ronstadt, Judy Collins, Gordon Lightfoot – but I think with my own money I bought either the Thompson Twins or Heart's "Bad Animals." I don't think I'd actually heard much of either; I must've liked the artwork or something.

Rift: Your CD release party is scheduled for August 18, 2006, at Mayslack's. Can you tell us if any special guests are scheduled to perform?
AS: I am so excited! I can say that The Dollys, Billy Johnson and my band will all play sets. Beyond that, who knows?

- Rift Magazine

"Nice little blurb"

"Enjoy Andra's crystal clear voice on this great solo debut album." - The Country Startpage

""voice is as pure as a meadowlark's""

Sep 02, 2007
Last Saturday night I rode with friends south of Mandan on ND 6 to hear the Suchy family's fifth annual Bohemian Hall outdoor concert. Over the years I have heard the great Chuck Suchy sing alone on many occasions, but I have never heard them all - Chuck and Linda, and their children Andra and Ben - in their Von Trapp family mode. This year's concert had special significance because it commemorated the 100th anniversary of the Bohemian Hall. Approximately 400 people turned up, with blankets and lawn chairs and food and drink, and found their places on the prairie between the road and an amazingly healthy corn field.

I cannot recall ever being at so perfect a concert "hall" on so perfect an evening. The Suchys schedule the event on the August Saturday that is closest to a full moon. The moon was just short of full on the 25th and it rose on schedule from the southeast in the middle of the concert. The low stage was set up against the north wall of the weathered old hall. A slightly garish, lighted artificial palm tree standing next to the stage added a little funk to the evening, along with an old mustard-colored VW microbus and a wee steeply domed aluminum trailer. The sunset was exquisite. Everyone started out in shirtsleeves but by the end of the night everyone was wearing every garment they could get their hands on. What could ever be better than that?

Since Chuck Suchy's music is so deeply rooted in place, in fact in this very place, it is wonderful that he and his family performed outdoors, as it were in their own backyard. Andra Suchy, whose voice is as pure as a meadowlark's, sang a song she has just written about Little Heart Creek, which meanders toward its mother tributary just a few miles south of Bohemian Hall. Chuck sang "Saturday Night at the Hall," from his "Dakota Breezes" album, which celebrates Bohemian Hall, "built by the good of an old brotherhood," "where the highway runs down just south of our town." There we were, as the song says, on a beautiful moonlit night, fulfilling Suchy's lyrics: "No matter the season they sure find a reason for Saturday night at the hall."

What impressed me most about the evening was its quietness and calm, which may sound odd considering that it was an amplified music concert. There was none of the usual event hassle in the makeshift parking lot. People just found a spot to park with no jostling for position. The crowd was gentle and extremely appreciative. Many sat holding hands. Everyone knew it was one of the last great nights of the summer and there could be no better place to spend it.

The great mandolin artist Peter Ostroushko came out from Minneapolis to join the Suchys on stage. Ostroushko, who is perhaps best known from his countless appearances on Garrison Keillor's "A Prairie Home Companion," either is - or for us pretended to be - jaded and weary of the world. He played several mandolins with his usual virtuosity, including one that Chuck Suchy inherited from his great Aunt Lou via his cousin Art. The banter between Ostroushko and Chuck, and Ostroushko and Linda, was obviously the public surface of a very deep private affection. Ostroushko's presence itself was a tribute to the Suchys, and his occasional citified jabs at Chuck's prairie earnestness only made that earnestness more pure and attractive. Ostroushko's best moment was his long rendition of a song, written by Keillor, about a man who has sunk into a Barcalounger squalor and self-pity after having been left by his woman, and maybe just likes it there! Ostroushko managed to sing it in a way that pulled the Keillor bitterness right out of it.

It was a love fest. The volunteers who brought the food and attended the informal gates wore none of the usual beleaguered expressions of event volunteers. They were glad to contribute kuchen and bars, and it was clear that they all love the Suchys and feel honored to be allowed to help out. The Suchys' organic, grass-fed beef was delicious. And the Suchys themselves were so clearly a happy and harmonious family, each one tolerant of the musical and sartorial styles of each other, that I'm guessing every person in the audience thought, 'That's what a family should be.'

We North Dakotans are so fortunate to have Chuck Suchy among us. He is truly a state (regional, even national) treasure. He's an extremely talented singer and songwriter. He's a working farmer, which means that when he sings of the satisfaction of the harvest or celebrates a trusted old piece of farm equipment, or the joy that can be found even in the grimy weariness after a hard day's work, his listeners can literally hear the authenticity. He's humble, self-effacing, self-depreciating and self-amused, and he never misses a chance to make sure those around him get their chance to shine. When he smiles his broad "ah gosh" smile, the whole crowd smiles back, as if involuntarily. He so clearly loves this place, its history, heritage, its people, its quirkiness, its muted west-river landscape beauty, that he can really be called the voice of North Dakota.

His son Ben Suchy, who performs Monday nights at the East Forty, has an edgy, gravelly sound, more evocative of jazz and blues than of his lyrical father. He plays a number of instruments, including the harmonica, extremely well, and he is clearly establishing his own identity, based on, but away from Little Heart Creek.

The highlight of the evening, for me, came when Chuck and his daughter Andra sang (he says for only the second time) his song, "Just One of Those Days." It was a surpassingly lovely moment: The blending of their voices, hers as thin and pure as a flute's, his still earnest in middle age. The love that passed between them, father and daughter, on stage, at home, in their eye contact, was as life-affirming as anything I have seen in many a day.

As we drove home I thought, in sweet melancholy, "Summer's over now."

- Clay Jenkinson - Bismarck Tribune


“Patchwork Story” (released independently in August of 2006) is Andra Suchy’s debut solo CD, although she has been performing, writing and recording in Minneapolis since 1996.
ALBUM RECORDING CREDITS include: THE HONEYDOGS "Amygdala" and "10,000 Years"****SOUL ASYLUM "The Silver Lining"****COMPASS ENTERTAINMENT "I Wanna Be"****RHYTHM JONES "Al America"****LOLA AND THE RED HOTS "Have Yourself A Red Little Christmas"****WALLACE HARTLEY AND THE TITANICS "Jellyfish Patrol" and "Wallace Hartley And The Titanics"****KURT JORGENSON "American Bordeaux"****WAIN MCFARLANE "That Was Then, This Is Now"****BILLY JOHNSON'S ROADSHOW "Roadshow"****NYMPHONIX "Arms Around You" and "Off My Mind"****ACCOMPANY PUBLISHING****LONNIE KNIGHT AND THE BIG SHOES "Cain's Blood"****STAN THIELE "The Sublime Pleasures Of Suburban Living"**** ************************************* JINGLES&COMMERCIALS (all have aired) EBAY "Good morning"****AMERISTAR "Perfect Pair" **** WWW.MYPOPSTUDIO.COM "Rock-pop & Country Styles"****LUTHER AUTO****LUPIENT AUTO "Go places"****BORTON VOLVO "Take A Ride With me"****FRESH AIR "smoke free MN campaign"****BARBIE "Wild Horse rescue," "My Scene," & "Barbie Guitar/Keyboard"****SEARS "Wishin' & Hopin"****CANTERBURY PARK****ZANADI JEANS website****TARGET "Joy To The World" and "Celebrate"****POLLY POCKET "Snow Cool Hotel"****RUGRATS "movie promo ad"****MYSTIC LAKE CASINO****BUDDY LEE "Movie Trailer"****WHITE CASTLE "Good Morning"****



Kerrville New Folk Finalist 2012

Saturday, March 17th, 8 pm-1 am
The Driskill - Victorian Room (604 Brazos St.)

8 pm - Danny Schmidt
9 pm - Andra Suchy
10 pm - Eliza Gilkyson
11 pm - Carrie Elkin
12 am - The Pines

Andra Suchy Folk Alliance Showcases

2/23 Thursday:
** 2:00 am - Showcase room:  #1721 Indie Squared Entertainment 
 2/24 Friday:
**8:00 pm - Nashville Room - Official Showcase (Red House Records Presents)  
** 10:30 pm - #1714 Moors and McCumber Presents
** 2:00 am -  #1829 GoGirls Private Showcases 





Raised on a beef and wheat farm in North Dakota by folk musicians, Andra Suchy began touring and performing at festivals at a young age. Classically trained and a veteran of musical theater, the guitar-playing singer moved to Minneapolis in 1996, where she has gone on to make a name for her