Andra Taylor

Andra Taylor


I'm an acoustic artist that has been influenced by almost every genre of music. My lyrics are the backbone of what I do. I can be softspoken and gentle but I also pack a punch. I am a very rythmic guitar player. My voice is unique and brings soul and life to the stories I am telling.


I discovered that I was a songwriter at the age of 16. I was always singing and making melodies in my head, but I had no idea that I knew how to compose a song. It started with singing. I started a band in high school and began singing some poems I had written. I started writing more and more poems and wanted to put them to song as well. I decided that in order to keep playing and performing I would have to start playing an instrument, that way no matter where I was I could always express myself through music. I picked up the guitar and from the moment my fingers touched the strings I was hooked. There was not a lot of money for me to take guitar lessons, so I started teaching myself. I was involved in concert band and drumline in high school so I had an understanding of music and ryhthm. I continued playing and writing throughout college. It became my one true love and passion. I wanted so badly for people to hear what I had to say, however I had a decent amount of stage fright and anxiety about performance. I played open mic nights, and with lots of encouragement from friends began becoming more and more comfortable. Along the way I had an epic cd collection from which I would draw inspiration. When I hear a new artist that truly speaks to me I feel as if I have discovered a new world and I want to explore every angle. Just to name a few of these artists; Bob Dylan, Ani Difranco, Old Crow Medicine Show, Jurassic 5, Ray Charles, Nick Drake, and Joni Mitchell. After school was over, that was when I really blossomed as a singer and a performer. I began to play in bars and coffee shops. Stage fright became a thing of the past and I began to notice that I had a sound that was my own. I wasn't just play your simple E, A, G songs. I was slapping my guitar and playing rhythmic parts. My voice stood out and my lyrics breached everything from romantic relationships to our current political situation. I am a musician from the bottom of my soul. When I take the stage with my guitar I am in the moment and I love every minute of it.


"Medicine" off of my sencond album, "8X8 Session" was picked as part of Morgantown's rock station's (WCLG FM) Homegrown Hysteria Vol. II. This cd showcased local musicians from many genres. "Medicine" has been in rotation on the Homegrown's weekly local music show.

Set List

A typical set list would include:

The Cause
Not Alone
In the End
House Song
Traveling Woman
Peace of Mind
In and Out of Love
On the Run
Leaky Faucet
Lonely Road

A typical set is usually about 1hour, but I have enough material for 2.

I am not the biggest fan of cover songs, but on occassion I will perform Bob Dylan's "You Ain't Goin Nowhere" and Janis Joplin's "Mercedes Benz."