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Andrea Amos

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Chicago, Illinois, United States
Band Pop R&B


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"Andrea Amos Knows Music"

Andrea Amos knows music. She knows meter, harmony, and it seems she knows songwriting. This is an impressive debut for the singer/songwriter from Chicago. There are influences of R & B, jazz and folk. Andrea’s voice is multi-timbral and strong; with this rich vocal palette, she colors and shapes emotions and musical line. My favorite song is “Gonna Stand My Ground,” a song about independence that begins with Andrea’s higher, softer sound. The musical arrangements, the musicians and the recording itself are sophisticated. Andrea Amos is one of the singer songwriters you should hear, and you will hear about.

Patricia Barber 2007

- Patricia Barber - Blue Note Recording Artist

"An Eclectic Collection Of Pop Hits"

“Free of Ugly” by the highly experienced Andrea Amos is an eclectic collection of pop hits! “Why” is the stock-character of this album – its catchy chorus, melodic arrangements, and strong-willed vocal performance is characteristic of every song on this energetic album! Perhaps the most brilliant aspect of “Free of Ugly” is its masterful instrumentation and diverse range of cultural influences. “Gonna Stand My Ground” delivers a delightful concoction of Spanish and Eastern European sounds, and best demonstrates Andrea’s commanding and passionate vocals. What’s more, the piano and electric guitar duo of “Waiting” is mesmerizing to say the least! Lyrically, “Free of Ugly” is quite uplifting, inspiring, and is undeniably crafted with excellence! Professional production turns this collection into ‘the complete package’! Followers of Vanessa Carlton, Jewel, and Michelle Branch will find this album to be irresistible!
-Xavier P. (for RadioIndy) - RadioIndy

"Andrea Amos Taking the Music World By Storm"

Andrea Amos is a quadruple threat: a fantastic songwriter, a facile multi-instrumentalist, a powerful vocalist, and an ambitious dreamer. Fluent in piano, violin, and drums, and possessing a voice that combines technicality and raw power, Andrea has led a varied musical career throughout her life. From performing with the South Saskatchewan Youth Orchestra to leading her own punk band and managing her own jazz combo, Andrea Amos has had the opportunity to perform throughout Canada and the midwestern United States. In Chicago she has played at such venues as The Hothouse, Fitzgerald's, The Jazz Showcase, Wise Fool's Pub, etc.
After spending several years singing and playing for other people, Andrea has just finished recording an album of her own songs, "Free Of Ugly". Backed by a fantastic band that never intrude and only intensify an already powerful voice (both a literal voice and songwriting voice), Andrea Amos has created a pop concept album that still allows each song to exist on it's own, and yet still combine to be more than the sum of its parts. With songs that range from funk and r&b to jazzy ballads to flamenco flourishes, Andrea's fluid melodies and passionate lyrics allow the wild mercury of her voice to encircle the listener and sweep them away. The songwriting variety of Stevie Wonder's "Songs In The Key Of Life" with the soulfulness of Ella Fitzgerald's voice and the emotion of Fiona Apple are all combined for a cohesive listening experience. The album follows the complexities of the fallout from the end of a romance in a way usually unheard of in pop music. Learning to deal with, accept, and reason the nebulosity of being over someone while still missing the presence of what had previously existed augments the songwriting, making it more accessible to listeners than the typical cliched pop laments. From the opening track where Andrea borders between a plea and an order stating, "Don't make me stop dreamin'," to later where she questions, "How do I do this?" simultaneously asking not only how she can deal with the emotions while more practically how she can get away from the situation. By the end on "You Will Always Be There," she accepts that her old flame will not only always have a place in her past, but always be stuck in the place he is at both physically and emotionally. Being able to juxtapose these thoughts across melodies that lodge themselves into your memory making them seem more and more familiar with every listen and rhythms that make audiences want to get up and dance is no easy feat! Mixing interesting chord progressions, talented soloists, and mixed rhythmic meters culminate on "Why Go On?" which introduces a final moment of doubt in the album's story and gives a cyclical feel to the album looping right around to the first track. There is no doubt, however, that Andrea Amos is on her way to to securing her place in the canon of pop music. - By: Mike Przygoda composer for Second City

"One of the best Chicago releases of 2007"

author: Neal Alger
Chicago is now lucky and blessed to have Canadian native vocalist/pianist/violinist/songwriter Andrea Amos. Andrea's debut effort FREE OF UGLY is strong, featuring excellent songwriting, a top-notch band, and brilliant production. My personal faves begin with "Why", with it's catchy chorus and it's positive lyrical bent, giving the listener the impression that a glimmer of hope exists. "Gonna Stand My Ground" is one of several tunes that discusses the challenges of being in a relationship. The variety of the sections and the exquisite classical guitar here serve to heighten the beauty and depth of the tune. A smash pop hit waiting to be discovered, "Like A Drug" has an infectious, bouncy beat, angelic harmonies, and lyrically displays how beautiful a relationship can potentially be. Shifting gears musically and lyrically is not a challenge for Andrea as "Get Off" features a funky arrangement with luscious R&B vocal harmonies near the end and an angry,and sassy lyric. Speaking of harmonies, "How Do I Do This" and "You Will Always Be There" exhibit Andrea's command of creating gorgeous, layered vocal lines. In fact, the malleability of Andrea's voice throughout the disc allows her to alternately use bluesy nuances to great effect, belt like a rock star, and caress a melody with a sensitive, breathy sound. Yes indeed, FREE OF UGLY is, in my opinion, one of the best Chicago releases of 2007.
- CD Baby


The Andrea Amos Quartet - EP
Andrea Amos Free of Ugly - LP
Andrea Amos Tunnel Vision - LP



With fluid melodies over hard-hitting grooves, The Andrea Amos Band is able to create a mosaic of passion, life experience, and originality which beckons their audience to take notice. The band is compelling in the breadth of influences and musical styles they synthesize: from great jazz legends to artists such as Jeff Buckley, Stevie Wonder, Lenny Kravitz, Sarah McLaughlin, Toby Lightman, Colin James and Radiohead; from pop, rock, r&b, and funk, to flourishes of Spanish and Middle Eastern sounds, the band comes together to make a truly remarkable and unique sound that is appeals to all listeners.