andrea ball

andrea ball


"Somewhere inbetween Feist and St. Vincent, Ball infuses Beat Beat Pound with a girl down the block charm that bellies the fact that, damn, she sure can write and sing the hell out of a song" -The Onion Andrea Ball is a mix of purity and approachability, connecting her listener to her creativity.


Andrea Ball is a caligraphy pen translating emotional experience into intricate pieces of music. Her first full-length release Beat Beat Pound demonstrates the craft of musical communication through organic chords and ambient sound. "You have to be emotionally connected, otherwise you can't write anything that's genuine," Andrea said. A nostalgic tone ripples through the album's elemental style, yet it maintains an intimate connection with the listener "If you're honest with people, they're honest back," she said regarding the vulnerability involved in song writing. Andrea represents the ease of a local independent artist but has a progressive mentality. Born and raised in Denver, Andrea began studying piano at age eight. She received a music degree at the Universityof Colorado and has been performing in the Denver area since. Now submerged in her music full time , Andrea has reached the point where her music is not just a form of expression; it’s an apendage


Beat Beat Pound- played on stations in colorado
89.5 fm fort collins
91.5 fm Colorado springs
91.5 fm boulder
101.5 fm denver
99.5 fm denver
1390 am denver
93.3 denver

Set List

1. beat beat pound
2. Machine
3. gem
4. Funeral
5. Friend
6. Dial tone
7. Sleeping
8. Cheer up
9. letter
10. Porch
11. undecided

Sets are anywhere from 30-1hr 30 min. We do original music, very up beat with the entire band. We can do covers if necessary.