Andrea Brachfeld & Son Charanga

Andrea Brachfeld & Son Charanga


This new and exciting group has incorporated the sounds of typical Cuban dance music along with flavors of Jazz and Rock. Andrea Brachfeld, the first lady of Latin flute, has returned to the scene with fire!


We are an eight piece Charanga band, a form of Cuban dance music which has been around for nearly a century. The band features the improvisations of the flute and also highlights the vocals and violins. I have rearranged many of the standard repetoire and given my flair of jazz harmonies along with some exciting mambos that make you get up and dance even if you don't know how to!!All of the musicians in the band play a variety of styles of music and bring their own tastiness to the mix. What sets us apart from most other bands is the central figure, me, as leader, arranger, composer, and above all, flute player. The level of musicianship is at the highest level. If you love spicy music and love to dance , you've got the right band!!


Back With Sweet Passion Latin Cool Records 2003
Remembered Dreams Latin Cool Records 2003
Andrea Latina Records 1978

All tracks are being played on the radio.

Set List

Descarga Son Charanga
La Flauta de Andrea
Pare Cochero
TĂș No Sospechas
No Me Abandones

The Fajardo Medley
Tres Lindas Cubanas
El Llantico

Si Se Acaba El Mundo
Oye Como Va
Danza Negra

Each set is 45 minutes long.