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Tell Pilot I love him

Written By: Andrea Brown

I was walking through the sand
with a tear in my eye
gazing at Golgothas hill
where soon they would crucify
My savior and my friend
the one that I supped with
The one who washed my feet
the one that I watch sleep
how could this be the end.

Then I watched the sun come up
and the crowd all gather round
then I saw King Jesus
there were thorns pressed through his brow
there were stripes upon his back
and agony was in his eyes
He was carrying the cross
to die for the lost
how could he still be kind?

I had to turn away
when I heard the hammer sound
then when I looked up again
our eyes met as he looked down
thats when I saw his lips
I heard a whisper in his voice
I stood as close as I could
I wanted so to hear his words
and this is what he said

Tell Pilote I love him
Tell the soldiers I forgive them
Tell the one who rent my clothes
and the one that mocked me so
I'm dying for there sins
Tell Pilote I love him
I wonder what he will feel then
When the soldiers take me down
and bury me in the ground
Tell Pilote I love him.

hows it feel to be home for christmas?

Written By: Andrea Brown

As I look outside and watch the snow flakes fall
I think about catching snow with our tongues and plying with snowballs
and everytime I see the lights so bright
I think of how much you love christmas time.
Hows it feel to be home for christmas
I sure do wish that I were there
I wonder if theres snow in heaven
and did you decorate a tree for him
I wonder if up there you share gifts for baby Jesus
Hows it feel to be home for christmas?
I wonder what you'll do on christmas day
will you sing with the angels
will you hear Davids harp play
Will you celebrate the wonder of Gods birth
and if you get a chance will you just wave to me here on earth.