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Andrea Gillis

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From 1999 through 2003 Andrea Gillis was lead vocalist for the band Red Chord. Brandishing a raucously good-time live show and Andrea’s powerhouse vocals they quickly developed a devoted following. When their song “Taxi” appeared on the popular TV show Dawson’s Creek, it added fuel to their growing popularity. They toured the Northeast and Ireland extensively.

When Red Chord disbanded in early 2003, Andrea decided to record a solo album. In the spirit of Motown, Andrea assembled a group of talented songwriters, producers and musicians to help her with the CD. By asking her friends to help out, she arranged for some of the most talented songwriters, producers and musicians in Boston to contribute to her project.

Andrea collected songs from Jed Parish (The Gravel Pit), Evan Shore (Muck & the Mires), Mike Feudale (Speed Devils, Coffin Lids), Natalie Flanagan and co-wrote songs with Tony Goddess (Papas Fritas) and former Red Chord band mates Andrea Gaudette, Emily Grogan and J. Grimaldi (Schnockered). After hearing some of the songs, Ed Valauskas (The Gentlemen) signed on to produce the CD.

Nearly 20 Boston musicians play on the CD. Everyone who helped write songs for the CD, performs on the CD. When Andrea asked Ken Schopf, Bruce Caporal (Auto Interiors), Jeremy Curtis (Elbow), Michelle Paulhus (The Dents), Asa Brebner, Melissa Gibbs, Jason Landry (Red Zone Cuba), Eric Saulnier, Tony Savarino, and John Powhida (The Rudds) to play on her CD, they all said yes. Her live band consists of Caporal on drums, Gaudette on keys, Valauskas on bass and Goddess on guitar.

The resulting CD “Want Another?” is a rock-em, sock-em mix of R&B, soul and punky garage-rock that defies categorization and has received critical acclaim. The Boston Globe selected Andrea as one of 10 bands to watch in 2005. In addition to her impressive debut CD, Andrea’s live show packs a punch. Andrea has been knocking people out with the power of her voice throughout the Northeast. This Spring Andrea goes international with a 2-week tour of Italy.


Andrea Gills- "want another?" 2004

Set List

Average set 45 minutes to 1 hour. Set consists of 9-10 songs consisting of primarily original songs and a few covers. Typical list looks like:

Mr. Bartender
Used Up
Moonlight Eyes
Gin & Tonic
Too Late
Another Woman
Sexy Singer
River Deep Mountain High