Andrea Higgins

Andrea Higgins


Energetic singer/songwriter with a big voice and a rhythmic strum produces acoustic/electric indie rock with influences ranging from Bob Dylan and The Beatles to Radiohead and U2.


I went to college for music - not because one needs to do this to be a good musician, but because it gave me 4 years to do nothing but sing and play and learn as much as I could about the thing that I love most. I wrote classical and electronic music and received a B.A. in Music Theory. I was even in a rock band while in school... But I wanted more.... I was raised on rock ‘n roll.... I needed a guitar. So I spent a few years teaching myself to play guitar and performing interpretations of my favorite music. After a while I finally found my own voice and reached the point where I could play the songs that I had been writing in my head. In 2006, I released a short EP of 4 songs called “without a lightswitch”. In May 2007 I won my first songwriting award for the title track and spent most of the summer and fall practicing and writing more. I’m now working on my first album and recording it in my little home studio. It feels great. You can find me at
or on my new website at


without a lightswitch

Written By: Andrea Lee Higgins

without a lightswitch

an umbrella won't keep you dry when the rain's blowing to the side
but you don't stop to ask why or see the difference between the lines
stumbling through the daily walk without a lightswitch to mark
the safest way down

and you're having trouble trying to find one little piece inside your mind
as everything flashes quickly by
a record plays inside your head and reminds you of when
you didn't have the troubles you have now
now you understand where i'm coming from

where the lines begin to crack is where you stopped to take a look
and couldn't see where you started from
but you know you don't want to go back, just have to get off the beaten path
try not to remember where it was

where the lines begin to crack is where you left the usual path
you want to forget how it all began
at the start you took off so fast that you lost your way back
and you can't remember where it was

an umbrella won't keep you dry when the rain's blowing to the side
and it makes it hard to find just a little peace in mind
without a lightswitch to mark where it all falls apart
so i'll just go a little slow, and remember a song i forgot long ago


"without a lightwitch [ep]" - 2006; this is a 4-song EP

Set List

I play a combination of originals & covers and I am comfortable playing for up to 2-3 hours.

Original songs - 45 - 60min. set
"Without a Lightswitch"
"The Longest Swim"
"Tied to Yesterday"
"Demon Ink"
"When We Were"
"Emergency Exit"
and several others that don't have titles yet... i'm currently working on an album.

Cover songs - up to 3 hour set w/original songs included
My covers include, but are not limited to, more than one song [several in most cases] by each of the following bands/artists:
Radiohead, U2, Coldplay, The Verve, P.J. Harvey, REM, The Flaming Lips, Over The Rhine, Neil Young, Sarah McLachlan, David Bowie, Blur, My Morning Jacket, Brian Jonestown Massacre, the Dandy Warhols, and several others... I learn new songs everyday as I practice.