Andrea Marie and The Magnolia Band
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Andrea Marie and The Magnolia Band

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"Mystic Magnolia (Highland Lakes Paper Review)"

The Magnolia flower is a multi-colored blossom that stems from a Magnolia tree. For centuries, it's been used for fragrance purposes in countries as far away as Asia for its sweet, alluring scent. The tree has spread its roots all over the Americas, and other parts of the world, and comes in a variety of designs. The very name of the flower suggests innocence and beauty; which are two aspects that are mirrored in Andrea Marie and the Magnolia Band's music.
"I have a Magnolia tree in my backyard," Andrea Marie says. "We used to joke around that we had no idea what to name our band. I had this black and white poster in my room of a Magnolia flower. I've always loved the flower, and it's very mystical and beautiful, so I thought it would be a good band name."
Marie and her band's music encompass the cores of country, Americana, folk and even a little jazz. Being a native Texan, Andrea was raised in a state that's engulfed all of these genres, which helped her create her own.
"People call it Americana, we call it roots music," she explains. "It's country, folk and other types of music; it's kind of hard to find a genre that fits all of what we do in there."
Along with her Magnolia Band, which is Price Porter on pedal steel, John Fink on lead guitar, Jeff Lynn on bass and backup vocals and Andrea doing the singing and rhythm guitar, they recently published their first CD, titled "Someday."
"It's our baby," said Andrea
"Someday," the bands 10-track debut is a culmination of soothing country melodies and classic honky-tonk rhymes. Andrea's voice gently floats above the Magnolia band's steady rhythms and weeping guitars, as the album dabbles in different genres and progresses song by song. Take the influence of Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson melodies, and add the backing band of Merle Haggard with a 21st century upgrade and you have Andrea Marie and the Magnolia Band.
In the middle of "Someday" is the song "Stranded Here in Oz," which intros with a melancholy blues version of "Somewhere over the Rainbow" and fuses with a classic two-steppin' tune.
Andrea Marie and the Magnolia Band will be playing at Poodie's Hilltop Bar in Grill on Nov. 16 at 8 p.m. Poodie's is located at 22308 SHt 71 West in Spicewood, for more information call 512.264.0318 or visit their website at
Andrea claims that their live performances are just as enchanting and exciting as the Magnolia flower.
"I think they (the audience) can always expect a really good time," Marie said. "We're a rootsty band that pleases a variety of people. It's fun and exciting for the crowd and a good time for everybody." - Carson Barker

"Spotlight Recommends...."

To put, it in local terms, Andrea Marie and the Magnolia Band sound a bit like The Sidehill Gougers before they dropped the "Sidehill" and went electric. Sometimes. On other occasions, lead singer Andrea Marie Campise's sound is more of a jazzy version bf acoustic country, or laid .back electric.
The Spicewood native has been playing in Austin a whole lot lately, but she's getting to know the Bryan-College Station area as well.
Her appearances this month include a show Friday at Fitzwilly's, where she'll open for locals Ben Morris & the Boxcar Chorus.
Campise started out performing karaoke at a restaurant she lived next to in Denver and has been a serious musician since 2002 (for a much more entertaining version of her back story, check out biographical song
Small Town Girl on the
Magnolia Band's MySpace page: She released her first album, Someday, last April.
These days the band plays four to five nights a week and has appeared often at Poodie's Hilltop Roadhouse, a bar run by Willie Nelson's road manager in their shared hometown of Spicewood. - Craig Kapitan


Andrea Marie and The Magnolia band released their CD "Someday" in August 2007

Several tracks from Magnolia's debut album "Someday" are Streaming on

Andrea Marie's original song "Lets Make Peace" is currently in the Top Forty most played songs on the Radio Free Texas Charts!



Andrea Marie &
The Magnolia Band

Andrea Marie Campise has loved singing and performing since childhood. As a little girl she'd sing along with the radio, brush microphone in hand, and perform for her parents. Her dad worked in the construction trade, so she moved around a lot (including a few years on Nantucket Island) until her family settled down in Spicewood, Texas. Growing up, Andrea Marie sang in high school musicals and choir, studied piano, and listened to the radio every chance she could get. "My dad used to have Patsy Cline and Willie Nelson tapes in his truck -- I would play DJ, listen to them over, and over and sing along," she says.

Andrea Marie has a vocal style all her own. She cites Patsy Cline, James Taylor, Otis Redding, and the Beatles as early musical influences. When I moved back to Austin I really started getting into local bands like Kelly Willis, Reckless Kelly, Seth Walker, The Greencards, Toni Price, Rusty Weir, and so many others," she says. One of her biggest idols, Willie Nelson, lives and records just down the road from her home in Spicewood.

Starting as a duo about five years ago, Andrea Marie and guitarist and music teacher John Fink performed at virtually every open mic in Austin and at some small gigs around the Lake Travis area. She began to build a following, slowly adding musicians, including the legendary Price Porter on pedal steel. Andrea managed to get the band into better and better venues and ultimately recording her current CD “SOMEDAY”. Andrea has evolved as an artist and a songwriter. Known as one of the hardest-working artists in the state, she has shared bills with Freddy Powers, Rusty Weir, The Bellamy Brothers, Dave Mason, Ray Wiley Hubbard, and The Troubadillos- The list goes on and on.

"I love making people happy and evoking memories with music, whether they be happy or sad," she says. "People relate music and lyrics to their own lives and personal experiences -- each time I get up on stage and sing an original tune or a cover, I do that for people."