Andrea Marr Band

Andrea Marr Band


The band is a very experienced 4 piece, blues band from Melbourne, Australia. The band has Andrea Marr on lead vocals and provide an entertaining production of original and standard blues tunes.


The band has influences including Aretha Franklin and Etta James. The band is set apart as it plays both orginal and standard tunes with Andrea giving vibe and intense emotion with her vocals. The band is over 7 years old and has a wealth of musical ability and playing experience. The "Andrea Marr Band" is renowned for sassy, soulful blues always being presented in the highest format.


The Band has 2 CD's.
1: Inheritance.
2: Sassified.

Set List

The band does both original and standard blues tunes in a given set ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Some of the tracks include.
1: A woman to sing the blues. (Original)
2: Use what you got.
3: He only rocks on stage. (Original)
4: One sided love affair.