Andrea M. Pace

Andrea M. Pace


Singer/Songwriter Gospel, Contemporary Christian, Neo-Soul, Contemporary Country


Andrea M. Pace, an Indianapolis, Indiana native, has been expressing her love for music since the tender age seven. Her passion for songwriting and singing started at the age of nine when she wrote very first song "Daddy."

Andrea’s unwavering love for the singing has opened doors for her talents. In 1993, Andrea, along with her sister and two cousins, formed a female gospel group called “Essence of Praise.” These four ladies ministered at various churches, conferences, throughout the Midwest. “The Lord led us to record our first independent project. We financed the majority of the project, along with much prayer and financial support from our Pastor and church family. We recorded our first project entitled, “He’s Been Faithful” at Tyscot Records in Indianapolis. It was exciting to know that people were being blessed by our gifts. We were interviewed by local gospel radio, asked to sing at our local TBN affiliate, channel 40 and share the stage with Lamar Campbell, Dr.Leonard Scott, Walt Whitman and the Soul Children of Chicago.” Andrea penned 4 of the 6 songs on the project.

Today, Andrea is still singing and writing songs with purpose and passion. She is the Minister of Music at Greater Northwest Baptist Church in Indianapolis, IN. This year she will be celebrating 17 years of faithful service. “ I truly believe that if you delight in the Lord and understand that it is a privilege to live for him everyday, then he will give you the desires of your heart. I’m just excited about what he has done and what he is going to do with “ordinary me”. It’s amazing how Lord orders your steps.”

Andrea continues to hone her skills as a songwriter, and singer.”I just want to be in God’s will. I believe I'm one day closer to placing my songs in film and television and hearing them downloaded on cellphones and radio stations around the world.

Proverbs 3:5-6


Snap Out of It

Written By: Andrea M. Pace

Snap Out Of It
Words & Music by Andrea M. Pace
Copyright 2003 Andrea M. Pace, All Rights Reserved

It’s me again , Just your best friend
I gotta tell you what’s been happening
I know you think it’s all innocent
Smiling in his face, swinging by his place
He has a bride; he’s said, “I do”
I gotta take a stand, Girl he’s not your husband

Snap out of it
I know you want God’s best
Snap out of it
Don’t you settle for less
Snap out of it
You say he’s just a friend
Your foot could slip ,So you betta get a grip
Snap out of it

Your day will come, What’s happened to your faith
What’s happened to your dreams, You told the Lord you’d wait
Don’t miss what God has in store for you
Mesmerized by his smile, Girl this crush is juvenile
The sign is pointing upward baby girl that’s your cue
Quick here’s your exit, now what you gonna do


Why are you sleeping? Rise up and pray
Lest you fall into temptation today.
The Spirit is willing, but this flesh is weak
Wake up Wake up you’re about catch on fire …

Chorus: (fade)

Copyright 2003 Andrea M. Pace, All Rights Reserved


Written By: Andrea M. Pace & Walter Smith

Victory we have
Victory we know it
Victory oh yeah, yeah, yeah

When you see us with a smile on our face, you don't have to wonder why
We have the power over sin and shame
Cause Jesus has paid the price

When it seems we have a problem
And it's just too hard to bear
We turn it over to Jesus
We know that He'll always be there

No stopping us
Nothing to discuss
No more defeat
Walking in victory
On my job
In my home
Even when I'm alone
I have the Victory

Copyrighted 1995 Andrea M. Pace & Walter Smith. All Rights Reserved.


Snap Out Of It

Currently Victory and Snap Out Of It are currently receiving airplay on the following stations:

1. Crazed Praise Radio
Crazed Praise Radio is a 24/hrs a day internationally known streaming online radio station promoting all genres of Gospel music. They are the station that gets crazy for the Lord! Located in Williamsburg, VA, the station has an "Indie Spotlight” Show that airs seven days a week and is designated to just Indie Gospel Artist.

2. Bible Believers Radio Station
Bible Believers Radio is a total Christian radio station that plays gospel, inspirational, contemporary Christian and traditional Christian music 24 hours a day. The station is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and is an outreach of Bible Believers World Outreach Cathedral.