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Fluently Helvetica
Something So Simple
Live 1
Eora Crossing
(Gorgeous Girl Records)

Magic Spelling
Grows a Little
Up in the Sky
(Funky Songs for Kids)



Andrea rieniets is an Australian singer/composer. Her beautiful voice, savage turn of phrase and mesmerising stage presence sits her as one of the great stylists alongside kd lang, Annie Lennox and Tori Amos.

Towering over many of her peers (at 5'10") Andrea is the first Australian musician to be guest of the Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions travelling on a resupply ship to Macquarie Island. And no sea sickness is NOT fun especially when the doctor is so ill he can't get to the crew to dispense the sea-sickness tablets!

With a country humour, Andrea is the type of friend you'd turn to in a long as you can take your advice neat. In her lyrics as in her life, Andrea is passionate and direct. 'Get it together' never sounded so appealing as when sung by the laconic dreamweaver with the swooping voice and wry grin.

Using guitars and computers and found objects to make music for stage and screen Andrea is also the founder of Before You Were Blonde AntiChoir - performing funk to New Country.

Her most recent role is as founder of Funky Songs for Kids - songs with occupational therapy, speech pathology and signing for little kids to manage health, disability and education.

'Grows a Little' is one of the Funky Songs for Kids to be used with small kids in family and domestic violence. The song beautifully points out the change process in nature as a metaphor for optimism and confidence in the processes of life change.

Says Andrea 'These songs were made with Relationships Australia for workers who work with kids in violence. It was such a painful group of songs to do. As a songwriter I have to 'go there'; to wade into that imagined/remembered environment of being a kid with warring parents and little agency over the outcomes.

It gave me what I call an 'emotional flu' for the first couple of days. It was not great fun...until the songs helped me travel back out, which I'm hoping to hell will be their role with little kids in the same situation. You know, songs to navigate by.'

'Kids are in for a rare treat of quality with Andrea rieniets at the helm...' The Adelaide Advertiser

'On Top of the World' pays homage to Karen Carpenter - inspiration for Andrea's turn as a singing drummer in groove unit Templedance.

Says Andrea, 'I love and hate the Karen story. Great voice that lets everyone else in - except herself. Drummer that has to doll up and leave her drums. Sister of Richard and..who knows what that was like competing for the hairspray? She's finally coming out of herself and dies in a bloody wardrobe/closet from heart failure as a result of anorexia. Whaa! It's all so ... I just wanted to sing her on with the essential exuberance that's shimmering beneath the neat lawns of the original version!

'A rare piece of art on disc.' The Adelaide Advertiser

'Long Way Home' is the final song in the spectacular Sydney Festival performance of Eora Crossing by Legs on the Wall. Andrea composed the score and the haunting Long Way Home.

Eora Crossing is the name given by the traditional Indigenous people to the site of what was the first white government house in NSW. The song 'Long Way Home' was broadcast across a crowd of thousands standing in the street looking up to watch Indigenous and white dancers abseiling off the side of the Sydney Museum.

Andrea says of Long Way Home, 'I composed this song, and the whole dance piece, whilst looking up. It was really essential to feel what types of emotions would be released with the head tipped back and the throat revealed because this is how the audience would experience Eora Crossing because of it being performed above the crowd on abseiling ropes and harnesses.

It was as emotional composing the piece as it was to watch it performed - looking up as an audience member on a stormy Sydney night. Long Way Home is an anthem of recovery and responsibility. It's not enough to let pain paralyse us with guilt or blame, whatever our story.'

Listen to the songs and remember how it is to FEEL!