Andrea Ross-Greene

Andrea Ross-Greene

 Los Angeles, California, USA

I am a singer-songwriter. I play guitar and piano, sing my original songs and I love to make people laugh.


Singer-songwriter Andrea Ross-Greene moved to Los Angeles a few years ago from Baltimore, Maryland to pursue good weather and her career in music - in that order. From the Waterfront Inn in Baltimore to Columbia Station in Washington DC to Celebrity Centre International in Hollywood, Andrea has entertained audiences with her well-crafted songs, soulful voice, and wry sense of humor. She is on the board of LA Women in Music and is associate producer of the Schock Futures CD.

She is most well-known for her song “Too Far Away” which is a memorial to a friend who died in the World Trade Center. This song will has been heard worldwide and used in many September 11 Commemorative events.

In addition to her own work, Andrea does studio vocals and does backup vocals for other singers. She has a vocal range from 1st tenor to 1st soprano.


My new CD "Forever Again" has just been released (2011).

My song "Too Far Away" is on the "Schock Futures" compilation CD which was released in 2004.

My song "Forever Again" is on the "Beautiful" compilation CD.

My song "Forever Again" is featured in the movie "The Silence After."

Set List

Typical set is 40 minutes. I do all original material.