Andreas Constantinou

Andreas Constantinou


Andreas Constantinou's sound is individualistic, uncompromising and unconventional. Rhythmic guitars, simplistic percussion and defiant voices combine to score songs of immediate emotions.


Andreas Constantinou (AKA AndreasC) was born in Northampton, UK, July of 1980. He was raised in London, UK where he trained in music and performing arts. He joined the band “Melisma” in early 1998 with whom he toured and recorded professionally for two years. He left the band in early 2000 to focus on his studies and on his own artistic practice.
AndreasC is now a solo artist singer/songwriter and has presented his music and performance art works in festivals, music venues, galleries and theatres through out Europe and Asia since 2004.
In 2008 AndreasC released his debut album titled “fistful” which has been described by the media as a raw and edgy album filled with abrasive songs and bittersweet harmonies. Since the albums release he has been performing with his live band presenting hard-hitting concerts in music venues and festivals provoking audiences with his weird and wonderful world of the unusual. In August 2008 he performed at the Gay Pride Reykjavik Festival in front of an audience of 40,000.
AndreasC collaborates with a number of interesting artists. Some of those artists include the avant grade electronic band Uniform with whom he has performed and choreographed for since 2004. In 2006 he toured with Uniform to the Donau Festival Vienna where they presented an outstanding and memorable music/art performance as the opening act for The Dresden Dolls.
AndreasC also collaborates with the international artists Athina Vahla (Athens, Greece /London, UK) Dagmara Bilon (London, UK), Kiriakos Hadjiioannou (Berlin, Germany), Haffsteinn Þoralfsson, (Reykjavik, Iceland), Ragnar Ólafsson (Reykjavik, Iceland) Punchdrunktheatricalexperiences (London, UK) and many more….
AndreasC is known for his powerful, extravagant and energetic live music performances and is best described as a punk cabaret artist. AndreasC currently works and lives in Reykjavik, Iceland.



Written By: Andreas Constantinou

You Dog, You Ape
You liar, You lying primate
You piss on your kin
your sorry when you never win

aoooouu you are the lying man
aoooouu doing everybody when you can

Chorus: You Dog, You Dog, You're not God, Just a dirty dog!

Why should i be
Subject to pornography
Hey put your dick away
Its the close of a hard day

oooouuu you have a lying hand
oooouuu cheating everybody when you can


Day light comes near
Dog he's bleeding in his rear
He has an anal fear
Dog he's bleeding in his rear
Why should i be
Subject to his pornography
Hey put your dick away
Its the close of a long day

ooooouu your are a lying man
ooooouu Fucking everybody when you can

Chorus: you dog, you dog, your not god, just a dirty dog

A dead dog!


Andreas Constantinou - Gloria (2007) debut single

Andreas Constantinou - Fistful (2008) Debut album

Andreas Constantinou - The Product (2009) Album Coming soon

Set List

Fistful, Self portrait, Lord show mercy, Devil is close, Bluebeard, Gloria, My darling Joey, Little Queer Boy, Puppy eyes, The last words of Adam, Whoopty doo. Set list length between 35 to 45 minutes