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When the pursuit of happiness seams to reach a dead end, never stop dreaming - so goes the logic behind the band Andreas Fall. From a small city in France called Besancon, lead vocalist /guitarist Matt Matteo and lead guitarist Vincent Salomon are modern day troubadours fueled by their passion for music. To record their new five song EP, the duo traveled 6,000 miles to Los Angeles, CA after Matteo was discovered on the internet by his idol Christopher Thorn (Blind Melon / AWOLNATION) who proposed they record an EP at his studio in Silverlake. After raising the funds for the trip, the two musicians took off for California in September 2012. “We have always dreamed of America” states Matteo. “You can’t imagine how crazy it was for two unknown musicians like us from a tiny town in France, to cross the ocean and make a record in Hollywood with some of our favorite artists! In that way we never stopped dreaming, much more than our friends who were playing and jamming with us in France. We knew one day something would take us there. We believed, and finally that day has come!”

Combining elements of rock, modern alternative and grunge, Andreas Fall create a captivating sound that is all their own. The songs collected on the new EP demonstrate the band’s prolific songwriting and knack for creating thought provoking lyrics and infectious hooks that stick with the listener after the first play. The music is a deliberate melding of intense guitars, back beat rhythms, and elaborate melodies stripped down to perfection.

Rounding out the rhythm section on the EP is former Pearl Jam drummer Dave Krusen and Blind Melon bassist Brad Smith. “The first day in the studio was very impressive and a little intimidating, but in no time we felt like part of the family” remembers Matteo. “It was just awesome, one of the best moments ever. We realized how fortunate we were to be working with some of our favorite artists, and we were so grateful.”

The self-reflective prophecies in the band’s songs have an intimate yet optimistic view of life and the world in general. The song “All Day Long” shows a maturity that most bands don’t display until three or four albums into their career. Exuding a certain desperation for holding on to the belief that there is something more to life than just following the herd, the song gives the listener a feeling of hope and empowerment to follow your heart and dreams. “Famous Lady” is an ode to all of the inner trappings of fame and fortune and the inevitable demise of morality. Channeling the raw power of Nirvana and the ferocity of The Who, the song leaves the listener in an un-hinged, adrenalized state of mind. “Higher” is an evident lead off anthem for the masses. Matteo’s powerful voice conveys the truth and struggle of the youth living in a confusing world. The message is a nostalgic view of when times were a lot more simple.

Matteo and Salomon came together from two separate bands. Salomon with his alternative metal band, MaryJane Experience, and Matteo with his grunge rock band, Post-it. They met while recording in the same studio in France. So many coincidences connected them from the beginning, and it seemed they were destined to meet. “Something special happens when these two guys are playing music together” Says Chris Thorn. “They are connected in their own world.”

After completing their EP with Thorn, Andreas Fall’s tireless work ethic kicked into overtime. In May of 2013, the band returned to the United States to work on more material, this time teaming up with producers Sean Hurwitz (Smash Mouth) and Stefan Litrownik (The Bellrays) in Van Nuys, CA. and Ryan McGuire (Lee DeWyze Band) and Louis Svitek (Ministry, Mindfunk, M.O.D., Revolting Cocks) in Chicago.

Matteo’s love and passion for music came by way of his older sister. Four years his senior, she moved out of the family home when he was 14, but not before giving him his greatest gift. “She came into my room and gave me a mountain of records, and said ‘This is for you little brother. These are what made me the person I am today, and now it’s time for you to discover who you really are.’ I didn’t realize at the time, what a magic and fateful moment this would be. She offered me the best gift ever…a passion for music, and especially for rock ’n’ roll! I became a huge fan of 90’s grunge rock…Blind Melon, Smashing Pumpkins, Alice In Chains, Mad Season, Temple Of The Dog, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Mother Love Bone, and RHCP. “

Salomon’s love of music was also spawned by his family at an early age. His childhood musical influences stemmed from the music his parents listened to…Jimi Hendrix, Yes, King Crimson, The Who, Black Sabbath, Jefferson Airplane, Neil Young, Zappa, Led Zeppelin…and all of the 70’s best rock bands. He was also a big fan of Michael Jackson as well. “I was 10 years old, and my favorite movie was ‘Last Action Hero’ remembers Salomon. “At the end I hear ‘Big Guns’