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Cape Town, South Africa | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Cape Town, South Africa
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo Pop Singer/Songwriter


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




After a short gap, and the momentum achieved from his first unreleased single, Singer/Songwriter and recording artist Andréas, officially releases his next single, ‘Mr. Fiddler’, produced at Cape Town’s own Cosher Recording Studios.

His interest in music as a career first showed at the age 18, and since then has been pursuing his passion for music in all of its facets. His first unreleased single, ‘The Blame Game’ unofficially dropped in 2015. With the release of the new single ‘Mr. Fiddler’, the first single released from his debut EP which is still due for release in 2018, Andréas shows a notable growth in his personal sound (following contemporary Urban/Hip-Hop with a personal melodic touch) which is set to continue.

For the listener, ‘Mr. Fiddler’ combines elements of the clean deep bass line with the title lyrics being the hook that sits above the beat and bass, creating movement and feel through Andréas’ particularly melodic vocal lines. Throughout the track, there are elements of the classic Chicago style Hip-Hop slow piano stabs which provide the glue which combines vocals and bass line. This gets mixed with a very African, urban style of melody taking the fore whilst the beat underpins the movement.‘

Mr. Fiddler’ is a coming of age song, which describes the movement to adulthood, and the sacrifices which have to be made in order to get to that point.

The hook sits in the listener’s ears in a way that will have you repeating the line hours after listening to the track. Andréas hails from the DRC, and has lived in Ghana and the U.S. As an artist, his first peak of interest in music as a career choice since 2006, at age 17. Since 2013 he has also been an acoustic guitarist, having decided that singing on its own wasn’t enough to fulfill his passion for all things musical. He has followed his passion back into the recording studio to test the waters with the song ‘The Blame Game’, and since 2016 has been recording his EP. He is passionate about all music and is an avid listener to just about anything musical. His goal as an artist at this point is to join the ranks of the Grammy holding African Singer/songwriters.

RUAN: As one of Cape Town’s best Singer/Songwriters what does it mean to you releasing your latest single “MR FIDDLER”?

ANDRÉAS: Wow! Well thanks! That’s quite a compliment! Finally being able to release my first single ‘Mr. Fiddler’ from my debut EP Pariah is a huge accomplishment for me personally speaking. I am very hard on myself, and I tend to toss a lot of songs in the bin. So for the mere fact that I finally got over myself and released it, the accomplishment satisfactory level is indescribable.

RUAN: What was your initial reaction when you heard your finished song, which was produced at Cosher Recording Studios?
ANDRÉAS: I loved it! It came out exactly how I wanted it, if not better. And that’s why now you know that it exists haha.

RUAN: I am sure the excitement must be out of this world having produced such a world-class song. But has your journey writing this song been easy from day one?

ANDRÉAS: It has been fairly easy to be honest, because it only required a lot of self-reflection really. And the rest was studio magic.

RUAN: Looking back over the past few years, who would you say has been your inspiration leading you to your current success?

ANDRÉAS: Definitely Chance The Rapper, & Lil Yachty. How we fell in love with their music through SoundCloud and their journeys that got them where they are now are very inspirational.

RUAN: When did your love for music start?

ANDRÉAS: For a long as I can remember. Since my childhood.

RUAN: What has your experience been like writing a song in which I would like to call at an international level?

ANDRÉAS: Oh wow! Well aren’t you full of compliments today! Haha…I honestly don’t know man. You can’t explain magic. When it feels right, it feels right. The whole experience really has been surreal.

RUAN: Where does the inspiration behind releasing a track such as Mr. Fiddler come from?

ANDRÉAS: Real life man. It comes from real life experiences, honesty, and vulnerability.

RUAN: What else can we look forward to from Andréas in the upcoming months?

ANDRÉAS: Many things. We’re talking EP release, probably another single release, so yeah…many things. Stay tuned!

RUAN: Are you planning on touring the country any time? If so where can we see you perform live?

ANDRÉAS: Oh my gosh I would love to tour the country! As soon as I start racking up venues, I’d be sure to keep you posted on my website (

RUAN: If you could give yourself a hashtag (#) right now as you see yourself today. What would it be and why?
ANDRÉAS: #ImComingUpIWantTheWorldToKnowGotToLetItShow. Why? Because…I’m comin’ up! Haha

RUAN: A lot of hard work goes into producing and writing a number one track. What advice would you give to our youth who would like to follow in your footsteps?

ANDRÉAS: Relentless practice makes perfect. Always allow honest genuine ears to listen to your craft, and give you some feedback. Stay patient, humble, and never give up - Ruan Scheepers


The Blame Game - Single - 15th May 2015
Mr. Fiddler - Single - 24th September 2017
Unhinged - Single - 27th April 2018



Singer - Songwriter

Andréas, was born in the capital city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo; Kinshasa, on October 19th, 1988.​

In 2005 at the age of 16, He and his family fled their country of origin to escape civil war and relocated to Accra, Ghana where the singer will begin learning speaking English as a second language; which will eventually become his primary speaking language later on in life.

At the age of 17, Andréas ventured into joining a hip hop group with his neighborhood friends at the time, where he was the only singer of the group. Although the group was short-lived, it did not stop a local recording music producer from noticing the singer. After catching the news that the group had split, he [the music producer] touched based with Andréas and took him under his wing for the next two years mentoring him with the art of songwriting, recording, and performing.

By 2009 at the age of 20 Andréas moved to the United States to pursue a BA in Communications: Public Relations in Kansas City, Missouri. And that’s where he fell in love with the art of singing live by often performing at The Kansas City Juke House’s ‘Open Mic Night’ on Mondays.

2013 was the year the singer decided to pick up an instrument, and he chose the acoustic guitar. From then on, Andréas has written at least a song a day. In 2014 he decided to test the [music scene] waters again by heading back into the recording studio to potentially establish a presence online as a singer. And that is how ‘The Blame Game’ by Andréas Muntu came to fruition in 2015.

After experiencing first-hand, how today’s music industry works [digitally], to the point where any genuine indie artist had a fair shot to making it a career, Andréas decided to hire himself as his first client to PR for.

And has been in the studio working on his first EP since 2016.

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