Andreas Polydoros

Andreas Polydoros

 Athens, Attica, GRC

My Music varies from electronica to dance, experimental to classical and always describes (a) scene(s) in my head, so i would call it a soundtrack even if it's a dance tune. The last days i prefer not to compose dance music rather than scene(s) in my head.


The music i compose has got always to do with what i feel at that given moment. Sometimes is happy, some others sad and probably sometimes good & bad. I don't hear one kind. I hear EVERYTHING. If you want to be a good musician then you need to have your mind open to all directions. For me there are only 2 kinds. The good music and the bad music (Not the bad as a theme but as music). I listen every little detail everywhere i go and this can be a rhythm, a tone or a fill in on a tune. The influences are many, from a local's island music in Greece and everywhere, from Beethoven to Chopin, from Bach to Bella Bartok, from Philip Glass to Raymond Scott, from Elvis to Beatles from Ennio Morricone to Ioannis Xenakis to Delia Derbyshire to Vangelis to Deep Dish and so on . . I have never thought what sets me apart from the others. I don't occupy my mind with such thoughts. Just try to compose better and better and better in a daily basis. Too much work to do.