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The best kept secret in music


"Andrea Surova, Rainbow in a Cage"

April 25, 2003 (page D-14)
by Steve Morse

What a treat to discover this new record by a relatively unknown (at least for now) Boston-area songwriter. Andrea Surova lives in Bedford and writes the kind of confessional, highly intelligent pop that Carly Simon has made a career of. The record is produced by Anthony J. Resta (who has worked with Elton John and Duran Duran), so you can be sure that there are pop hooks galore. The music is generally tailored for the Triple A format, but songs such as the vocally uplifting ''Everywhere Is Here'' and ''Halo'' (which has a Fleetwood Mac vibe) could cross over to Top 40 radio with a little luck. Surova has a knack for penning reflective numbers that also have a keen sense of self-empowerment. An example is the title track, ''Rainbow in a Cage,'' in which she sings, ''I won't let anyone brainwash the colorful nations I build behind my eyes.'' That theme carries over to ''I Won't Hate the World'' (laced with old-school synths that give it an '80s feel) and the stately ''Air,'' about recovering from a romantic setback. Surova is sometimes a bit tentative vocally (like Simon), but there is a love of life and a joy of simple pleasures that make one hope that an audience will discover her undeniable talent.
- The Boston Globe

"Tunes from the Northeast Corner"

April 26, 2003 (Issue 2003:10)
by Alan Lewis

It can be really hard for a performer to get attention in the early stages of a career. One might judge, though, from Friday's Boston Globe, that ANDREA SUROVA has caught quite a break: first by getting to record with producer Anthony J. Resta, who has worked with such diverse artists as Duran Duran, Nuno Bettencourt, and Letters to Cleo; and second by getting her record reviewed by no less than Steve Morse. We've seen enough snags, such as the classic record-deal-gone-bad, to know that the journey from here to stardom isn't necessarily a sure thing; but she's getting off to a great start. We'll be on the lookout for future news.
- New England Music Scrapbook News


Rainbow in a Cage (2003) - EP
Sampler of forthcoming Welcome to My Thoughts (2006)
"Everywhere Is Here" and "Magic Plane" are in rotation on PIXY 103, Hyannis, MA


Feeling a bit camera shy


Classical piano, musical theatre, singing with a jazz band in Russia, and obsession with classic rock bands such as the Beatles and the Doors all inspired Andrea Surova to pursue a career as a singer-songwriter. She launched her songwriting career at age ten, when she wrote an instrumental called “Haunted House and the Happy Ghost” and her first song with lyrics, “Chop Suey.” Performing highlights include the Orpheum Theatre in Boston on New Year’s Eve and the House of Blues in Cambridge.

Her most bizarre adventure on the road was in Russia when she almost missed a gig after the van driver filled half the gas tank with water. She and her band mates piled into different people’s cars and set out for the gig once again. She and the German guitarist, Hans, ended up riding with the director of the local symphony orchestra. The director decided to stop for a chicken dinner and left Andrea and Hans in the car while the chicken was being roasted. In the meantime, Andrea and Hans shared a candy bar and barely made it to the gig.

Recently Andrea returned from seven weeks in Russia, where she volunteered in several orphanages and topped off her trip by singing at the new Jazz Center with members of her former band. She was most impressed by the music classes for five-year-olds, which included ear training, playing instruments, and vocal improvisation.

Now Andrea continues to record two full-length albums that are each halfway done, a pop rock one and an indie rock one due out next year. She looks forward to performing her new material both as a solo artist and as singer and keyboard player in her band in 2007!