Andrea Surova

Andrea Surova


Innovative pop rock with retro elements, hooky melodies, layered vocal harmonies, explosive choruses, and lyrics that turn life into pictures. Every song offers something that seems familiar but new. Universal themes attract the young, the old, and even the jaded music fan.


Classical piano, musical theatre, singing with a jazz band in Russia, and obsession with classic rock bands such as the Beatles and the Doors all inspired Andrea Surova to pursue a career as a singer-songwriter. She launched her songwriting career at age ten, when she wrote an instrumental called “Haunted House and the Happy Ghost” and her first song with lyrics, “Chop Suey.” Performing highlights include the Orpheum Theatre in Boston on New Year’s Eve and the House of Blues in Cambridge.

Her most bizarre adventure on the road was in Russia when she almost missed a gig after the van driver filled half the gas tank with water. She and her band mates piled into different people’s cars and set out for the gig once again. She and the German guitarist, Hans, ended up riding with the director of the local symphony orchestra. The director decided to stop for a chicken dinner and left Andrea and Hans in the car while the chicken was being roasted. In the meantime, Andrea and Hans shared a candy bar and barely made it to the gig.

Recently Andrea returned from seven weeks in Russia, where she volunteered in several orphanages and topped off her trip by singing at the new Jazz Center with members of her former band. She was most impressed by the music classes for five-year-olds, which included ear training, playing instruments, and vocal improvisation.

Now Andrea continues to record two full-length albums that are each halfway done, a pop rock one and an indie rock one due out next year. She looks forward to performing her new material both as a solo artist and as singer and keyboard player in her band in 2007!


I Shouldn't Want You

Written By: Andrea Surova

Copyright 2004 Rainbow in a Cage Music (BMI)

Verse 1
I want to know you better but I’m already taken
So please don’t try to get inside my heart
You keep on asking questions and we keep getting closer
Now we’ve already gone too far

We may be together tomorrow and the next day
But today it has got to end

I shouldn’t want you, but I don’t want to stop
I shouldn’t want you, but you’re in every thought
I’m trying to deny it
I shouldn’t want you, but I do

Verse 2
There’s nothing wrong with sunshine but I crave something different
I wish that I could live two separate lives
If we could be a secret I’d kiss you forever
And we could rearrange the sky

We may only wonder exactly what it feels like
It’s not enough but it’s got to be

I’m dreaming way too much to smile
It’s hurting everyone
I shouldn’t see you for awhile
But I don’t want to run
I won’t ask you to wait
You came along too late
But I like pretending I can stay

I shouldn't want you, but I don’t want to stop
I shouldn’t want you, but you’re in every thought
I’m trying to deny it
I shouldn’t want you, but I do
I’m trying to deny it
I shouldn’t want you, but I do

Sorry It Took So Long

Written By: Andrea Surova

Copyright 2005 Rainbow in a Cage Music (BMI)

Verse 1A
Got my heart broken so many times
I forgot how to feel
All the things that I used to enjoy
Seemed to lose their appeal

Verse 1B
You appeared like the sun after rain
Shining through all the clouds
Made me think I’d be happy again
Though I still had my doubts

But now I know I shouldn’t have made you wait
I only hope that it’s not too late

Now I love you; I didn’t think I could
Luckily I was wrong
I stopped dreaming till you got through to me
Sorry it took so long to love you

Verse 2
If you still hold a candle for me
I’ll stay out of the cold
Waking up to the future with you
Turns the stars into gold

I’ll help you find a million reasons to laugh
And I’ll fulfill every wish you have

Love was hiding in a corner
Out of sight and out of mind
Wish I’d come around much sooner
But since I can’t go back in time
I’ll have to convince you that I’m sincere ‘cause

Now I love you
I didn't think I could
Luckily I was wrong
I stopped dreaming till you got through to me
Sorry it took so long
Sorry it took so long
Sorry it took so long to love you

Love Your Life

Written By: Andrea Surova (Lyrics), Andrea Surova & Mike Lawler (Music)

Copyright 2004 Rainbow in a Cage Music (BMI), COOTERMO Music (ASCAP)

Verse 1
Why do you look unhappy?
You really gotta loosen up
You think too much
You shouldn’t sweat the small stuff
‘Cause you’ll get lost inside your head
Come out instead

Pre-chorus 1
You’re holding the future in your smile
So please don’t hide it
Try loving each moment like a child
I’ll help you try

Get on the hood of your car, count all the stars, baby
And take the moon for a ride
Have you had any fun with anyone lately
Let’s take the party outside

Life doesn’t have to be so hard
Have a good time, lighten up and love your life
Love your life

Verse 2
I used to be in your shoes
My life was walking in its sleep
On two left feet
Don’t wait till you hit bottom
To find out most things aren’t so bad
You gotta laugh

Pre-chorus 2
It’s never as easy as it sounds
But you can do it
If your perspective gets you down
Then lose it now

Celebrate yourself until you fly
Color every day outside the lines
(Fall in love with your own life)


Rainbow in a Cage (2003) - EP
Sampler of forthcoming Welcome to My Thoughts (2006)
"Everywhere Is Here" and "Magic Plane" are in rotation on PIXY 103, Hyannis, MA

Set List

Sets at original shows (solo or with a band) are usually 20-30 minutes and include about six songs from Rainbow in a Cage, the forthcoming Welcome to My Thoughts, and the forthcoming indie rock album, including "Halo," "Magic Plane," "Love Your Life," "Spotlight," "Sorry It Took So Long," and "A Minute of Time."