André Monde de Lang

André Monde de Lang

 Stockholm, Stockholm, SWE
BandWorldAdult Contemporary

Inspirational African soul music with lotta warmth and groove. Heartsongs for clubs-festivals-church- EVERYONE EVERYWHERE....



Andre Monde De Lang boasts a rich and colourful heritage of the Maccatees/Xhosa/Khoi San and Griekwa bloodline, making him more African than most. He is a Music Professional who was born in the town of Port Elizabeth in South Africa and lived there until he acquired a scholarship to study music in Stockholm, Sweden where he still resides today. His music carries a spirit of laughter, love, reconciliation and forgiveness. It may be best described as a refreshing World/Adult Contemporary/Soul sound. His vocals are a clever blend of light, smooth and smokey. Andre has been involved with and contributed to many international projects aimed at empowering South African artists’ and communities. He was associated with the charity ‘Children of Fire’.
Music has always been a part of the De Lang household. Andre would join with his brothers and sisters to pray and sing songs. Prayer and music wrought within them faith and hope and gave them the courage to hold onto their dreams.
Andre has released 3 solo albums. “Homecoming” is most recent on Catfish Recording.
The revised and controversial rendition of “Die Stem – Revisited” and “African Child” both from the Homecoming album, have been selected for the South African film, “Children of Fire”. Favorites are, “Awe Mama”, powerful in delivery as it exalts the heart of Africa. “Spirit Song” beautifully portrays and captures the sentiments and rich tones of the diverse cultures of our nation. Deeply moving is “Hymn for the Peacemaker”, which leaves one with the feeling of wanting more. The title track “Homecoming” is delightful with some light African jazzy/township tones, comprising chants and shouts.
“The principle of love” says Andre, “can be very hard to understand and seemingly impossible in application, but through the Homecoming project one catches a glimpse of the POWER OF LOVE and FORGIVENESS. A love that touched and healed a deprived, lost, hurt and vengeful soul”.
Andre Monde De Lang is more than a musician. From being a deprived farm boy he is now a free man, and an Agent for hope, spiritual and social transformation and a Mentor. His humility belies his musical brilliance and acumen. Needless to say, “Homecoming” is very personal and special to him. It is so much more than a music project. It is about his journey, his songs, and his life. He invites you to participate in his journey and in doing so prays that you too will find your way “home”.
Andre’s heritage is carved into his voice, into his music and into his soul.


Per Lindvall - Drums

Pablo Cepeda- percussion,vocals

Tommy Tordsson- bass

Glen Scott - keyboards, B3, vocals, MD 

Putte Nelson- keyboard, vocals

Staffan Astner- guitars

Wojtek Goral-all saxophones


Worth the wait- Sony/Bmg/Diesel Music

Educate your soul-Sony/Bmg/Diesel Music

Homecoming-Catfish (indie)

Hymn 4 the peacemakers- indie

"This train" single with Martin Terefe

"Gospel days" with Jonathan Butler