Andre Dey

Andre Dey


Multi-instrumenstrumentalist, Andre, sound is rhythm based ear catching, riffy, melodic and harmonic music with user friendly can't get out of your head hooks. The variety of music that influenced Andre shines through in the writing, creating a truly unique rock/pop sound in todays music industry.


Andre has primarily been the heart and soul of each band he's been in, drumming for over 19 years. He never made any particular genre a niche meddling in styles like country, indie rock, pop, punk, post-hardcore, funk, and jazz. Country music has always been a main stay within his music circle, growing up with artists like Garth Brooks, Tim Mcgraw, Faith Hill, Deana Carter and Shania Twain. He enjoys that raw simplicity of a country and clean cut sound.

He grew up listening to music from the 90's era, his parents hailing from Jamaica and Guyana didn't share their culture's influence with him when they came to Canada. He had to learn to appreciate music beyond his years by himself; there was no Beatles, Bob Dylan, CCR, ACDC or David Bowie in their home.

Andre picked up a guitar and began writing around the time Serial Joe came out with their first single "Mistake". He saw a group of young guys making a move in the music industry with a new sound, it was motivating, and it paved the way for the 30+ songs he would write over the next 6 years. Although he had a hand in writing his own songs both feet would remain planted behind a drum kit. He has only ever released 3 of the songs he's written on popular at the time Myspace. You never see a black front-man in pop, rock or country groups with the exception of Sevendust, Killswitch Engage, and Darius Rucker. That has always been the deciding factor in really stepping out and doing his own thing.

After being in so many bands he figured it was time to release his own material and conduct business the way he would like to conduct it. He has the ability and skills to record a semi professional by his lonesome but will work on a song by song basis truly finding his sound for the first time.



Falling Into Nothing - Away From Everything That Hurts

Paint - Where We Are Today

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