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Andreea Pauta

Band Jazz Singer/Songwriter


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The best kept secret in music


"Quote from Bob Moses (drummer who played with Miles)"

"Larger than human concerns, calmness, awareness and great energy, Buddha zero Dreea will be. Nu fires emerge from which she rises, great flaming bird, wings spread unbound, unafraid, to take her place in the tapestry celestial."
- none

"Northeast Performer"

However modern her debut album, Spring, may be, there is a timeless quality in her portrayal of the human condition. Spring is a dark affair, traveling heavy within the maelstrom of Andreea's brilliant and emotionally appropriate piano playing. She sings with an almost angelic serenity, split between the jazzy indifference of Joni Mitchell and the heart wrenching manic depression of Nick Drake. With this particular voicing, her lyrics tend to have a heartbreaking effect.

- Yeager

"Northeast Performer"

The brilliance in this music lies in Andreea's ability to be at the same time both starkly minimal and complex....the album is a brilliantly moving affair that showcases incredible promise for a great new artist.

- Yaeger

"Andreea Pauta"

"Andreea’s 2000 debut album,“Spring”, is a musical experience in itself.... her music is captivating. Andreea Pauta’s music is timeless. "

"Andreea Pauta"

With a maturity far beyond her years, Andreea Pauta's voice weaves between the layers of classical, jazz, and new-age inspired melodies to create a lovely tapestry that inspires imagery of a land just beyond is Pauta's lyrics and soothing voice that evoke passion. There is a yearning there, a sense of need that cannot be easily hidden or more honestly displayed. Spring is an album of timeless tunes that transcend stereotype and culture. Andreea Pauta's style, talent, and vocal grace should take her a long way, perhaps as far as her compositions take the listener. - Charity Vandeberg at Wargol

"Northeastern Performer Mag"

Though her songs convey such commonly understood topics as love, human longing and self-acceptance, her delivery is anything but ordinary.... - Yaeger

"Arts in Ed. Students Raise Voices, Funds for Tsunami Victims"

"...Also selling her CD was Andreea Pauta, whose smoky and romantic jazz stylings brought fellow pianist Norah Jones to mind. Several audience members dropped their jaws when student Jeff Hopkins started—and finished—a poignant, mural-size illustration during Pauta’s final song. " - The Appian


An unknown artist in France that I advise you to discover urgently! Her name: Andreea PAUTA . She is a pianist, singer and compositrice... Her voice and music are of a rare emotion... - Gildas, producer and manager

"Blissfully Haunting"

This is one of the most unique recordings I’ve ever heard. It left me speechless upon initial manages to leave me profoundly affected. The mood conveyed in these songs speaks of a dark innocence. Poetic lyrics depict a devotional outlook on love and life, and are matched with a melodic and harmonic language that one might describe as one part Fiona Apple to three parts Rachmaninov. A masterful pianist...Dreea’s music hits something within us that is too seldom visited by other singer/songwriters. In a world where musical potency is too often water down out of fear of overshadowing lyrics, Dreea pushes full steam ahead with an involved harmonic and melodic language that helps to bring out the message, adding even more meaning to her intimate, personal conveyances...this disc is better than most live dates by most other performers. A pocket of creative, emotional energy, Spring perfectly documents a beautiful moment in time for those of us who were not able to share the experience as it happened. - Glenn White, saxophonise, composer, educator


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her second project, half, is a metal band with a lyrical edge. The album "re-imagined" with band half is available at

Second recording with band done in June 2005, scheduled to be out Spring/Summer of 2006 (stay tuned!) Visit for more news and updates!!!


Feeling a bit camera shy


Romanian-born pianist, Dreea, is a winner of the John Lennon Songwriting Competition. Dreea is a mix between Toir Amos and Norah Jones...having toured in the US and Europe, Dreea burst into the songwriting world by way of mixing jazz and pop. Dreea is a classically trained pianist turned singer-songwriter; her debut CD "Spring" showcases all-original songs which fuse classical touches, jazz harmonies, and pop melodies. With a degrees from New England Conservatory of Music and Harvard, and having studied jazz, third stream improvisation, and Hindustani vocal music, Dreea is unafraid to melt styles together to create one which is all her own.

Dreea has toured Romania twice, performing solo concerts as well as collaborating with various artists, including the Romanian chorus, "Da Capo". She has appeared on numerous Radio stations broadcast in Romania, as well as in newspaper reviews and interviews in the Romanian newspapers Cotidianul and Independent. In the states, Dreea’s television appearances include Boston's BNN-TV 3 and BNN-TV 23 shows, such as "It's All About the Arts" and Susan Liotta’s "Arts Forum".

Dreea now lives in New York - having recently recorded her second album, "autumn", Dreea now tours the northeast, with plans to visit Europe again this Summer. She performs with Josh Feinberg (bass), Jeremy Udden (saxophones) and Eric Platz (drums).