Andre Kirchhoff

Andre Kirchhoff


An accomplished and varied singer-songwriter, André Kirchhoff paints from a broad musical palette ranging from roots-rock, to alt-country, to folk. Whether performing solo, or as a contributor in several side projects, he delivers songs with equal parts intensity and sincerity.


Nowhere & Main is the debut album by Montreal singer/songwriter Andre Kirchhoff. Spanning stripped-down alt-country, the darker edges of acoustic folk, and the roots-accented outskirts of rock, Nowhere & Main shows Andre has a foot firmly planted in both Montreal’s burgeoning indie-rock scene and its equally vibrant roots and country community. On this expansive and varied debut booze-soaked tales of indulgence and brooding suicide ballads dovetail with rollicking highway songs, and wistful childhood remembrances, all delivered with equal parts intensity and sincerity.

Recorded at Montreal’s UrbanHanded Works Studio with producer Gern f. (The United Steelworkers of Montreal) and engineer Cecile Doo-Kingue, Nowhere & Main showcases Andre’s multi-instrumental talents. In addition to lead vocal and acoustic / electric guitar duties he sprinkles in slide guitar, harmonica, dobro, lap steel guitar and banjo, while receiving strong support from numerous local musicians, including members of USWM, The Dress Whites, Little Birdie, and The Jimmyriggers.

Originally from Ottawa, Ontario, Andre began performing and writing while completing architecture studies at Montreal’s McGill University. When not performing solo, he can be seen on various instruments with Montreal ensemble Little Birdie, fronted by singer-songwriter Orit Shimoni, as well as on lead guitar and vocals in the twangy three-piece rock band The Jimmyriggers.


Telephone Call from Patsy Cline

Written By: Andre Kirchhoff

Sittin’ alone in the twilight
outside the cars are going full blast on saturday night
Somehow, I ain’t alone
I hear the crackle of your voice upon the phone

Dialin’ me up long distance
and for an instance the time stands still
And through that static on the line
I feel like every word you sing to me is mine

The others, they sing their songs
but you’re the only one who holds the tune
Nothing in the world is wrong
when I hear your voice singing crazy for you

Love and hate don’t mean a thing
and it seems like there no songs left to sing
I hear that crackle in the air
out of the darkness, and I haven’t got a care
So, please, come down from your wires
under the trees, and walk home alone tonight with me

One Line Obituary

Written By: Andre Kirchhoff

Half-empty uptown bus
ice on the pavement
I got whiskey and cigarettes
but that’s not what I’m cravin’

Thaw in late december
another washed out New Year’s eve
There’s nothing that I’m wearing
on the outside of my shirt sleeve

I don’t call up aunt Rosie
says I talk too fast anyways
She just talks to her TV screen
but it doesn’t have a lot to say

They filled a room with all of your friends
but not many people know your name
If there’s fashion in obscurity
then I don’t wanna dress that way

And I hope you don’t find my name
with a one-line obituary

Crossin’ under the freeway
I hear a groan from the railroad line
there’s something lurkin’ under the tracks
and it’s preying on my mind

Water’s black like mercury
down south towards the cholera fields
some say there’s ten thousand ghosts
and one more won’t make no difference here

And I hope you don’t find my name
with a one-line obituary

Oblivion, My Hometown

Written By: Andre Kirchhoff

They say some are busy livin’, some are busy dyin’
I don’t know some days which one I’ve been tryin’
There’s something to be said for idle days
When half of you moves on while the other half stays

I don’t mind working these dead-end jobs
What other kind of end could a person want
I spend half my time with my head in the clouds
While the day to day just grinds me down

So you should take that ride if you got the time
down to Oblivion, my hometown

You can’t hang on to all your silver and gold
but you hang around this town while you just get old
these walls will still stand while all your beauty fades
coughin’ up the tail end of your better days


This paradise is paved with brick and stone
the only one I’ve ever known
our sins don’t need to be confessed,
‘till tomorrow when I take my rest


Ohio Motel Room

Written By: Andre Kirchhoff

The dash-board lights read half past late
under the yellow glare of a Super 8
Striking a match with time to lose
leaning on the fender while the engine cools
Scattered voices in the parking lot
one last drag and I turn the lock

Cold hard water and a broken down fan
got the beer chilling in the garbage can
Another long weekend don’t mean much
on the back stretch of a two-week lush

Laying ‘round this Ohio motel room
the last lay-over on a long detour
nothing on the TV except HBO
and nothing to do when I get back home

The outlaw myth flickers on the screen
but on the road all you find is anonymity
Traveling salesman, or killer on the run
it makes no difference with the curtains drawn


Tomorrow morning we’ll dump the baggage out on the highway
and I’m gonna come clear
There’s some reason for this road as I watch it disappear
There’s something ringing, there’s something ringing in my ear

When We Were Old Friends

Written By: Andre Kirchhoff

Sixteen candles on a home-made blueberry pie
That we ate off the floor, it still tasted alright
We always had good songs and better company
You let me play well past ten, ‘cause we were old friends

They put up a subdivision in my old neighbourhood
Tore down the old hollow tree, where we played in grade three
Do you still live in our same old town, are you still so misunderstood
Like we were back then, when we were old friends

I search for tangibility
I don’t find it walking down these lanes of memory

Well, you always call me up, no matter how far away I seem
We’ve got forever and a day, to run out of things to say
I know you made a big change in your life,
But you’re still the same to me, how else should it be?


The christmas party’s over, the hospital’s white and bare
I try to live on the square, still, I wish you were there
Now I only help myself, and I drink too much alcohol
But that’s the way it was then, when we were old friends


I know you made a big change in my life
How else should it be?


Nowhere & Main, June 2007

Set List

The focus is primarily original material.

The artists I cover include:
Bob Dylan
Gram Parsons
Neil Young
Uncle Tupelo
Bill Callahan
The Jayhawks
Ryan Adams
Townes Van Zandt