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Is it Love

Written By: Andre Simpson

Verse 1
Oh can you feeeel it
Oh its driving me insane
And I, I can feeeel it
Oh Its running through my veins

And I IIIIIIII need to work out why ?
These butterflies inside of me are playing with my mind

Is it love, that clouds my every thought
Is it love, that’s leaving me distraught
Is it love, the leaves me wanting me more

Well, I don’t care, what its called
When my feet don’t touch the floor
I can feel, feel the fire
When the birds and bees conspire,

It must love love love
It must love love love

Verse 2
I don’t believe in fantasy at least not when I dream
An enthusiastic loner, now playing for a team
You can’t change time, but time can sure change you
Into a firm believer of a world I never knew.