Andres Wilson & The Waters

Andres Wilson & The Waters


Andrés Wilson is an edgy, blues-rock, singer-songwriter/guitar virtuoso who plays songs spanning the sonic gamut--from indie rock to jazz to heavy metal--punctuated by poetic lyrics and incendiary guitar playing.


The son of a classical guitarist and a jazz pianist, Andrés was named after his father’s hero—the famed classical guitarist, Andrés Segovia. Years later, the latent kismet of his name would manifest itself in his own musical prowess and mastery of the guitar. Diverse sounds from Hector VillaLobos to 50’s rock, Frank Sinatra, and Son House (his grandparents’ favorite artist) coexisted peacefully in his New England home. After picking up the guitar at the age of thirteen and practicing over six hours a day, by the age of sixteen, he was touring New England and NYC, earning a reputation as the best young lead guitar player in Boston—a bona fide prodigy—through his work in the seminal heavy metal band, 69 Daze. He also be-came a fixture at Boston blues jams and punk shows; however, it was always the unique sounds of Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Buckley, Nirvana, and artists who respected and understood the mold before breaking it that enticed his ears and summoned his soul. After graduating from Lawrence Academy, where he was the recipient of graduation awards for music and creative writing, Andres received a scholarship to attend the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston where he completed a summa cum laude B.M. in the Professional Music major (Fall 03’). A cosmopolitan who spent much time abroad and speaks several languages fluently, Andres is also a respected and published poet and writer who has studied music, classics, linguistics, and creative writing at universities around the globe, including Columbia University, where he recently completed a M.A. degree in medieval studies with honors.

“As long as these types of artists keep coming around then music has a chance...[y]ou've got to listen to this kid; he's truly got some talent and should be heard at high levels."
-Dan Rondinelli, Indie In-Tune Northeast

The music of Andres Wilson & The Waters fuses his many influences into melodic, richly poetic songs. Andrés’s crooning voice soars over colorful, distorted harmonies from his guitar. Sinuous, violin-like guitar leads embellish head bobbing grooves with pulchritude. Listen to the debut album Ink & Sound (2006) and stomp along with the infectious groove of the first track, “A Million Miles.” There are some heavier mo-ments with throbbing rhythms and wailing leads (“El Dorado” & “Poverty and Resource”), while other tracks flirt with mainstream pop and sport infectious hooks (“The Woods”, “Little Island”, “Home”). The lyrics are full of rich imagery and illuminating symbols, impressionistic but easily deciphered by careful listeners. Andrés sings about alienation, our moments of color within the gray, and the epiphanies one experiences as life untangles like a roll of yarn. High-energy live shows are defined by heart, soul, and moments of jaw-dropping instrumental heroics.

Andres has performed in venues throughout New England, New York, France, Montréal, and Israel and he has won several guitar and songwriting competitions. Andrés’ second album, BIPOLAR, is slated to be released in the fall of 2009. Now, he is poised to make the world listen to a unique and thoughtfully bluesy sound.



Written By: Andrés Wilson

His strut is married to the streets
And color paints its pace and speed
In his game to survive, it is best not even to bleed
How does it feel, to be somebody’s myth?
How does it feel, to be somebody’s myth?

He quotes a billboard with his name,
And has his tie on before dawn,
In somebody’s castle, there’s a room reserved for Mr. Pawn

How does it feel, to be somebody’s myth?
How does it feel, to be somebody’s myth?

I toss a coin into the air,
And watch my fate twirl through the wind,
But I just walk away.
I know it landed but I don’t know where.

A Million Miles

Written By: Andrés Wilson

Standing at a station
Waiting for my train,
I gave an old man a twenty
'Cause I've got the world to gain
There's an engine in the distance,
Screaming out a tune,
And rails moan iron ecstasy while
Quivering maroon.

A million miles an hour,
Blazing all the trails,
If you run fast enough
They won't catch you by the tail.
A million miles an hour,
Burning all the roads.
If you can't be caught,
You won't be bought or sold.

Traveling the back roads
But I've got a map
A thin line that hangs like a vine
And hovers above traps
There are angels playing hide and seek
And howling at the moon
And they're just there across the hills where midnight marries noon.


Bipolar (working title) 2009 (due out in the fall of 2009)
Ink & Sound 2006
Shards by Asia Mei and The Waters 2006
(all guitars played by Andrés Wilson)
69 Daze (guitarist, primary songwriter) 2000

Set List

The average set lasts 45-60 minutes. Currently, Andres & The Waters have enough original material to perform a 2-hour set, and they have a number of covers within their arsenal of songs.

El Dorado
The Woods
Ink & Sound
Voodoo Chile (Jimi Hendrix)
-during some sets, a complete Hendrix medley is performed
The Ice Princess
Tmuna Ktana
The Green-Eyed Monster
A Million Miles
Se posso far qualcosa
Poverty and Resource
Steal a piece of sun
Little Island
The forces that be
What is left?
Everything you've ever wanted
Deathbed blues
Ghosts of July
The Trick
Spoonful (Willie Dixon)
-Many other blues classics
I Was Made to Love Her (Stevie Wonder)
-More by Stevie Wonder
Humble Texas
Our History
Sunshine of your love(Cream)
Sun House medley
Allman Brothers Medley
Led Zeppelin medley
Black Sabbath/Ozzy medley
Dem Changes