Andrew Ryan

Andrew Ryan

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Unrivaled vocals, absolute instrumental perfection, & soulful lyrics flawlessly meld together & instantly put you in a place where you are begging for more. The love child of acoustic pop & jazzy blues, Ryan takes listeners of all genres on an artistic journey with sheer musical talent.


For musician Andrew Ryan music is a response to an emotional sentiment. Happy, sad or somewhere in between, the Los Angeles-based songwriter creates his songs as a reaction to whatever state of emotion overtakes him in a certain moment. It's in that way that Andrew's sincerely crafted songs find resonance with their listener, creating a relatable bridge between the artist and his fans. This sensibility is apparent on his third release, an EP titled Stand that finds a genuine connection with anyone who hears it. 

Andrew's music has always been like this, drawing out the musician's own experiences in compelling songs. The Idaho born singer found an interest in music at an early age. He sang in church as a kid and taught himself classical guitar, eventually finding himself practically addicted to playing music. The son of a Baptist pastor, Andrew wasn't exposed to the songs on the radio or MTV. Instead, he cultivated a love of the classics, listening to artists like Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby an aesthetic that has clearly influenced his own style today. 

After college, where the musician spent time performing in coffee shops and small venues, Andrew signed with Divulge Records, and wrote his first release, Summer & Fall, which was recorded in Nashville in 2007. His second release, Waiting For Paris, was pieced together from sessions in Boise and Los Angeles and it was on that EP that Andrew felt like he began to channel the jazz-pop sound hes now fostered as his own. 

"That's what really got me going," Andrew says. "People genuinely liked that style and that's what I've been sticking with. This new EP definitely has elements of that jazz-pop, but I've gotten even more pop and I think fans are really going to like what they hear. I recently fell in love with and started playing the ukulele a lot, so naturally I've incorporated that into my repertoire of sounds. I've been writing a lot of fun uke songs and listeners will get a taste of that with some of the forthcoming tracks like I.N. L.O.V.E. Overall, this new EP still has the same feel good elements as my last release, but it definitely shows how my music has evolved."

Focused on creating a layered, artfully orchestrated collection of songs, Andrew spent several months recording Stand in Los Angeles. Although there is a cohesive thread that runs through the EP, each song is a reflection of a different experience and a different emotion. For example the opening track Stand (which shares the albums namesake), is a glimmering pop number, which leans on the EPs more uplifting aspect. "I think it makes people smile, Andrew says. I love getting that reaction out of a song. I like it when people are happy with what they're hearing in my music and I am able to put them in a good mood."

Of course not every song Andrew writes is about happy moments and feel good times. There's the melodic A Fool which Andrew says reflects upon the sadder side of love. "I think everyone at some point in their life deals with the heartbreak of wanting so badly to be with that someone and tries to make things work, even though you know deep down that that person is not the right one for you." 

The six-song EP also includes a cover of the classic song The Way You Look Tonight, which both connects Andrew's contemporary tracks with the crooning sounds of the past and also serves as a thank you of sorts to fans who supported the singer throughout the years. It's always been a fan favorite at live shows and I've had countless requests to record it. When I was feeling out the song-list for this project, it was a natural fit and I'm excited to finally get it out there for fans to be able to listen to it whenever they want." In the end, it all comes together as something any listener can relate to. 

Andrew plays frequently with his band in Los Angeles and has also performed around the States at various musical festivals and venues. His live show augments the songs to have an even greater sense of personal connection, which is something he hopes to do more of with his upcoming release. Stand opens the next chapter in Andrews already successful musical career, recalling artists like Jason Mraz and Josh Radin, whose music always feels notably sincere and intimate. The hard-working musician hopes to bring his songs to an international audience with this release, which in the end, amounts to a desire to connect with as many people as possible. 


Stand - EP 

I.N. L.O.V.E. - Single

Waiting for Paris - EP

Summer & Fall - Album

Set List

Shows average between one or two 45 minute sets depending on a venues need. A sample set list is below:

  1. I'd Follow You
  2. Sugarlaced
  3. Parachute
  4. Skip
  5. IN LOVE
  6. Sunday Morning (Cover)
  7. A Fool
  8. Summer Love
  9. I'm Not In Love
  10. Fall Foolishly
  11. Advice
  12. Old Love (Cover)
  13. Paris
  14. I've Got a Love
  15. The Way You Look Tonight (Cover
  16. Stand