Andrew and Kristi's Toast

Andrew and Kristi's Toast




Kristi Collard was that girl. The star of the children's choir. The highlight of the school talent show. The go-to performer for special moments at church. You could say she was literally born to sing. When big brother/guitarist Andrew Collard took an interest (re: obsession) in songwriting, it then became incredibly convenient to start a band together. With Kristi now putting together songs of her own, and the addition of full time magician Nick Paul on drums, the band has released their first album entitled "It's Raining, It's Roaring". This first album is a collection of home recordings made over a period of 2 years using such equipment as cassette tapes, guitars with missing strings, and $15 Best Buy computer microphones, not to mention a cadre of free downloadable drum machines. With 2 dozen shows under their belt at local venues and coffeehouses (including multiple at band favorite The Factory in Rochester), the band is looking to extend their reach across the great state of Michigan and the midwest in 2010. New music is on the way.


Daisy Daisy

Written By: Andrew Collard

1. Daisy Daisy what do you see/you're cooking meals you barely sleep/you're 55, your husband's disappeared/Daisy Daisy what do you know/you're gonna have to sell your home/your children all grew up but they're still here/2. A rocking chair makes up your bed/you're thinking of what the preacher said/you're storing up your treasure with the lord/Daisy close your eyes up tight/you just might sleep five hours tonight/the television lights will keep you warm/3. Shine a light/shine a light/she's burning out/we're out of time/shine a light/shine a light/she's burning out/we're out of time/4. Daisy Daisy we're home tonight/I say I'm not hungry and you know that's a lie/I don't know why but I wish you'd let me be/something whispers in my ear/as you lay back in your rocking chair/Daisy did you ever have a dream

Whitecap Wonder

Written By: Andrew Collard

1. She looks to the sky/the stars are lightyears from her reaching hands/she still wants to try/tonight her dreams are all she understands/the waves roll in slow and she wonders/she's trying to get home/she's skipping off the water like a stone/2. She loves looking back/she loves to look into the future too/she carries the weight/you know nobody ever asked her to/the waves roll in slow and she wonders/she's getting alone/she's grown before she's had a chance to grow/3. Well I know if she opened her eyes then the light would never fade/and I know/I know she could laugh but she'd rather be afraid/who wants to be happy anyways?/do do do do....

Your Chariot Awaits

Written By: Andrew Collard

1. My heart is all the snowflakes bursting on the heat of each passing car everywhere you are/it's like everyday's your birthday and I'm always scrambling to find you a card/hey hey hey etc./2. My heart is like a paper cup that's inside out when I don't understand but I can hold your hand/my car could be your chariot/your chariot waits only for your command/we could make a plan:3. I'll eat when you're hungry/I'll sleep when you sleep/so you better just tell me/do you think that's sweet/or just creepy


"It's Raining, It's Roaring"-2009