Andrew and Zachari Smith

Andrew and Zachari Smith


A father/son folk and instrumental duo that wins over audiences with great musicianship and award-winning songs. Andrew Smith is a Kerrville Newfolk Songwriting contest winner - and a "world class" tap style guitarist!


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In the past year Andrew and Zachari have toured Canada and Europe extensively and have been headlining folk clubs in western Canada (Northern Lights FC in Edmonton, Lethbridge FC, The Happy Nun and Routes Gallery in SK, and the Dream Cafe in BC)

They are currently working on their second CD together. It will combine their love of folk country and instrumental music all played on a variety of delicious sounding instruments such as guitar, dobro, mandolin, banjo, pedal steel and Zach's new suitcase drumkit.

Andrew and Zachari Smith`s live show is a spellbinding mix of folk, alt-country and tap-style guitar. Their show features excellent songwriting, engaging storytelling and great playing on a variety of instruments.

“There’s no doubt that Andrew and Zach excel on their own musically but having them together, accompanying each other with drums, mandolin, dobro and pitch perfect harmonies is just spectacular”

Andrew is one of very few Canadians to have won the prestigious Kerrville Newfolk Songwriting Competition. He is also a "world class" tap style guitarist. Critics have said that Andrew Smith "plays like Don Ross (finger-style guitar champion) and sounds like James Taylor". Zachari’s songwriting is a sweet blend of original folk and alt-country. His political subject matter harkens back to early Dylan coupled with beatlesque sensibilities. Andrew is a seasoned musician who has toured much of the world playing folk clubs, festivals and house concerts to enthusiastic audiences. Zachari has toured Canada and the US solo and with his band ‘The Geese’

Andrew won the KERRVILLE NEW FOLK SONGWRITING COMPETITION on the strength of his songs 'Holes in the Night Sky' and 'Rite of Passage'

'Rite of Passage' received Honourable Mention at the MID ATLANTIC SONG CONTEST, and was short-listed for the INTERNATIONAL SONGWRITING CONTEST.

'Do You Like It?' received Honourable Mention at the 2007 SINGER-SONGWRITER AWARDS.

Andrew's solo instrumental CD 'escape velocity' won him the OKANAGAN INSTRUMENTALIST OF THE YEAR award and received two nominations from 'JUST PLAIN FOLKS' MUSIC AWARDS, and 'The Pilgrimage' was short-listed for the INTERNATIONAL SONGWRITING CONTEST.

"Absolute World Class!"
Sachsische Zeitung Dresden (The Saxony Times, Dresden Germany Daily Newspaper)

"our new 'find-of-the-year' on Canadian Spaces"
Chopper McKinnon CKCU

"like Don Ross, and very melodic"
Folk Routes CKUA

Andrew also works as a producer out of his own studio in Kelowna, BC. He was awarded PRODUCER OF THE YEAR in the BC Interior, and recorded award-winning folk artist Jane Eamon's 'a different place' and 'deep water' CDs.


No Evil Will I Fear

Written By: Andrew Smith

Politicians keep us terrorized
with campaigns for re-election
The daily news keep us paralysed demanding more protection
They're developing new weapons that hunt you while you're sleeping
Some new street drug for your children to rip them from your keeping

Free from Fear is free indeed
and only this is clear
though we walk through valleys deep
No evil will I fear

New diseases can find you still behind your gated fortress
Thugs in business suits will steal and kill
they're brutal and remorseless


How we behave when the tree is green
imagine when there are none
When the planet groans and shakes and screams against us for all that we have done
Stand your ground and dry your tears for freedom drowns in fear
Our nightmares and our dreams are here
no evil will I fear


Written By: Andrew Smith and Norm Strauss

Cold daylight dawns
and there's no hiding
Real and make-believe
Here colliding
We set our hope so high
It has come to call
But there is still
love enough to break the fall

Someday we will find
all we lost and everything we left behind
Some say that love is blind
only when it's new
but I don't want to turn back time

Like a road-map to
favourite places
Every line is drawn
in our faces
Morning sun can turn
to stormy weather
Like our love,
the bitter and the sweet together

I don't want to drive into tomorrow
looking in the rear-view
I'm still holding out for better days and places
we've never been to

Black and White

Written By: Andrew Smith

Johnny Cash, was he a saint or a sinner
Oh yes, yes he was
Soldier boy, is he a saviour or a killer
Oh yes, yes he is
Hey hey rich man, are you a taker or a giver
Oh yes, yes you are
Now now poor man, are you a loser or a winner
Oh yes, yes you are

The man in black, the man in white
Johnny Cash burning through the night
tempted by the devil, with angels at his side
Like the man in the mirror
Dressed in Black and White

In a ring of fire, is there blindness or clarity
Oh yes, yes there is
Did you walk the line between faith, hurt and charity
Oh yes, yes you did

You put that beast in his cage
You put that angel on the stage

Turning To Stone

Written By: Andrew Smith

So I moved out to the prairie and I bought a piece of land
where the wind will chase and chill you to the bone
And I sang my heart out every night in a one-man band
just to keep me from turning to stone

Then I took a trip to visit every masterpiece of art
in London, Paris, Amsterdam and Rome
And I let myself be seduced my monalisa's heart
just to keep me from turning to stone

I never meant to hurt you girl, trying to find my peace
But oh it made me feel so alone
So I followed every impulse that was promising relief
just to keep me from turning to stone

Strange befellows here this indifference and these
addictions and excess to which I'm prone
I'll salvage some dignity and bite the hand that feeds
just to keep me from turning to stone

Then I walked into the wilderness to find my spirit guide
and try to unlearn every thing I'd known
But I stumbled home to Jesus and back into the tribe
just to keep me from turning to stone

All the anger and the violence and sorrow in my pack
I left it on the step before his throne
Then I had to cut my enemies the same kind of slack
just to keep me from turning to stone

Well it's not like I can live a life of leisure and wealth
but time makes any place a comfort zone
So I'll dust off some dream that I left upon the shelf
just to keep me from turning to stone

Yes I'll find another pilgrimage and reinvent myself
just to keep me from turning to stone

Walter and Kate

Written By: Andrew Smith and Norm Strauss

Walter and Kate
Smith and Strauss

Walter and Kate relate with a casual intimacy
at their favourite street cafe over bagels and cinnamon tea

No newspapers hide their faces
as she reaches to wipe a crumb from his chin
There’s comfort in the quiet spaces
and he can recognize the mischief in her grin

Walter and Kate up late with Rogers and Astaire
who even on their own were great, but better as a pair

Soft shoe romance, two step slow dance
Around the furniture as the credits roll
Swaying slowly, lost in a trance
Laughing as their clothing hits the floor

Walter and Kate’s next date is prime-time reality
The nation’s a-buzz and can’t wait to live and love vicariously


Zachari Smith`s Band `The Geese`(2012)
Andrew and Zachari Smith - Travelling (2011)
Andrew Smith - Into The Woods (2010)
Andrew Smith - The World Has Windows, Sept '07
Andrew Smith - escape velocity (solo instrumental CD), April '05
Smith Funk & Strauss - Like a Road, June '04
Smith Funk & Strauss - SFS, Sept '02

music is for sale at itunes and

Set List

Andrew and Zachari play a mix of folk, alt-country, americana and instrumental songs. Aprox. 90% is original material.